Craft Snacks to Go Along with Your Craft Beer

MicrobrewFans of beer have really had a great few past years.  The popularity of craft brewing has exploded in a way never seen before, leading to more variety and choices when it comes to drinking a great beer than ever before.

Grocery stores, supermarket chains, and even convenience stores have all taken advantage of this trend in a big way, leading to substantially increased revenues.  In fact, the craft beer industry has grown 20% in just the last year to over $14.3 billion!

So what’s the next big “craft” industry?

As the market for craft beer continues to grow, several other areas are expecting similar gains – such as the market for craft snacks.  Here are three big reasons craft snacks stand poised to enjoy just as much success in the near future as craft beer has over the past several years:

  • A growing customer base that values quality and nutrition.
    Today’s consumer is willing to pay more for higher quality—in fact they demand it.  Stores that offer products with higher quality ingredients as well as healthier options will be poised to take advantage of this growing trend.
  • Variety is the spice of life!
    A few years back, you would be hard pressed to find anything more than Budweiser, Miller, Coors and maybe an import or two in convenience store coolers.  Fast forward a few years and the craft selection is amazing.  Why the shift?  Changes in consumer demand.  Consumers want variety, new options, and better choices.  That consumer demand is spreading from the beer cooler to the snack shelves.  Stores that embrace this change and offer a wider selection of healthy snack options will see snack sales rise just like sales in craft beer have over the last several years.
  • Better taste.
    Let’s face it – the rise of craft fare of any sort is driven by the quest for better taste, and craft snacks deliver in that department compared to the hydrogenated mass produced stuff you find elsewhere.

At Mister Snacks, we help a variety of organizations develop a snack offering that provides customers with quality, healthy options.  We source ingredients from the finest producers and package snacks that are interesting, attractive and increase sales.

From assorted nuts and mixes to salty and sweet varieties, we provide high quality, nutritious, delicious craft foods that pair excellently with beer and spirits, and will be more than happy to help provide you further information on this hot new trend.