We have everything in the kosher world that will add flair and good taste to the product selection you offer to your customers. The kosher symbol has become a signal to consumers that a product is healthy. Our products that are marked as “pareve” are vegan and will contain no animal products. Our products marked as “dairy” contain milk products.

Nearly every item we offer is kosher, under supervision of  OK Kosher Supervision of Brooklyn, New York. You can view our entire current kosher certificate by clicking on Sunbird Snacks or Stone Mountain Snacks. You can also view a certificate for any one item by clicking to the item you want to view, and then clicking on the “kosher certificate” icon shown.

We have many kosher snack items that you will not find anywhere else. We have many items packaged in all sizes for your “shalach manot” Purim baskets. We offer kosher gift assortments that can be specially ordered to accommodate customers who require all-pareve assortments. We supply hundreds of synagogues and Jewish organizations with interesting, delicious snacks to go into baskets for their congregations and fund-raising drives. Our gift boxes are great for Chanukah time and all year long.