If you have questions, we have the answers

If you don’t see your question below, feel free to contact us or call 1-800-333-6393. We want to hear from you!

How long does it take to get my order?
We typically need 2-3 working days to process and pick your order, plus transportation time of 1-5 working days, depending on your proximity to Buffalo, NY.

How do you ship my order?
Most orders of 50 cases or less are shipped UPS Ground. Orders larger than 50 cases are shipped via an LTL carrier.

What is the shelf life of your products?
All packaged and bulk products have a “best by” period of eight months. We try to manufacture only what we will ship in a one month period to make sure you can maximize a product’s shelf life.

Is your product code dated?
Yes, we use a very simple open code date on the back of each package. EXP 1216 means that the product has maximum freshness through December of 2016.

Do you back order items?
We very rarely have out of stock items, but if we do, we only back order if requested.

Do I have to pay for racks?
We supply racks on a cost-share basis, with Mister Snacks absorbing the majority of the cost. There is minimal charge for racks to help defray some of the cost and shipping charges.

Are your products kosher?
Almost all our products are certified kosher by OK Kosher Certification in Brooklyn, NY.