Get a Jump on Corporate Gift Giving Season and Give Something Unique

Do you remember that great scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where Clark Griswold receives that wonderful “Jelly of the Month” holiday gift from his boss?  In case you don’t remember, here’s a little refresher [Warning: Clark does use some colorful language to explain his displeasure!]:

So unless you’re looking for a “Gift that keeps on giving the whole year” for Cousin Eddie, you might want to reconsider your gift buying this year!  To help, Mister Snacks has put together a collection of our most popular items.  Our gift baskets offer something unique that won’t just sit in the closet.  Instead, our baskets offer a collection of great tasting items that can be shared with family, friends, and coworkers.

Here are a few samples of our latest additions:

Gift Assortment

12-Pack Large Gift Assortment:

Each our assortments are filled with high-quality snacks that are healthy and make a great impression.  We use only the highest-quality ingredients that include cashews, premium chocolates, pistachios, Buffalo wing nuts, and great snack mixes.




Gift Pack Assortment

Full Line of Assorted
Gift Options:


At Mister Snacks, we pride ourselves on providing extremely high-quality ingredients at a very cost-effective price.  We offer healthy options with outstanding ingredients at prices that start as low as $6.00–and our most impressive gift assortments are very modest in cost too!