Private Label Food Co-packing Services

A co-packer, also known as a contract packager, is a company that provides packaging services for food and other products.  The co-packer sorts and packages the product that is delivered to them by the hiring company, complying with all food safety regulations and adhering to the labeling, marketing and branding of the hiring company. 

Why would a company use a co-packer?

Put simply, because it makes economic sense.  Packing equipment is complex and very costly.  For most producers, it doesn’t make sense to invest in this equipment and its upkeep (not to mention the labor to operate the equipment).  A co-packer helps to reduce your cost.  Additionally, food packagers are held to rigorous standards and audits.

Why choose Mister Snacks as your co-packer?

We understandthe needs of food producers, both big and small.  We have built our operations to be flexible and cost effective at all levels.  Here are some of the areas in which Mister Snacks can help:

Smaller Run Packaging
Many co-packers are only interested in large volumes which require large investments.  We understand that not everyone needs to produce at those high levels.  Our facilities are set up to help companies with short run needs as well large producers.

Custom Labeling and Packaging
Whether you have unique individual packaging requests, shipping requirements or labeling specifications, we can assist.  We have a full line of equipment and specialized staff to ensure that your exact requirements are met.

Safety Equipment
As part of our facility’s production line, we have industry-leading safety equipment in place including industrial metal detection that meets all government regulations and ensures the highest level of safety.  

Fully Audited and Certified
In addition to safety equipment, we have an annual 3rd party audit and certification process for food safety and manufacturing standards.  Before choosing a co-packer be sure to ask about their audit and certifications.

Nitrogen Flush for Freshness
Our advanced equipment provides every package with a nitrogen flush that improves freshness and longevity.  This allows your products to stay fresh and greatly improves shelf life.  You’ll see the impact of this not only on your products but on your bottom-line as well.

Take Your Product Distribution to the Next Level

At Mister Snacks, we specialize in packaging a variety of different food products.  We offer co-packing options for both large and short-run needs.  Whether you’re new to distribution, want to discuss possibilities or are interested in improving current packaging, we can help.  Contact one of our co-packing consultants today at 800-333-6393.