What Makes A Good Snack Vendor?

Finding Real Value in a Snack Vendor

Some buyers are like dogs with bones when it comes to price. A low price is important, but the benefits of a good snack vendor span far beyond the bottom-line price to the retailer. A rock-bottom price tag means nothing if the vendor only delivers at 3:00 a.m. to a store that is not open until 6:00 a.m., for example.

Quality of service should far outweigh contract cost when selecting vendors, if that service adds real value and facilitates profitability. When choosing vendors, try to put a dollar value on every aspect of service in order to get to the real value of the contract. Value should be associated with:

Product quality: All other factors are void if you don’t have a quality product that customers will buy again and again.

Market knowledge: Does the vendor truly understand the needs of your market? Do they have a grasp on your unique customer base?

Collaboration: Are the sales and merchandisers assigned to your stores interested in collaborating on the best solutions for increasing sales, or do they apply a one-size-fits-all approach?

Flexibility and choice: If you want or need to make changes, how easy will it be to modify your service based on the needs and demands of your customer base?

Stock policies: Will your orders be filled consistently and on time? What is their restock policy on items that don’t sell as projected? Will they rotate and do quick sales to move the merchandise prior to expiration?

Emergency calls: If you experience a sell-out on merchandise that wasn’t forecast, how quickly can you get a sales rep on the phone, and how fast can you be restocked?

Customer service: When you do reach a rep, how is your request or need handled? Is the team friendly, accurate and timely in their response?

Time in business: It’s hard to build a thriving business in the snack foods industry. When signing a contract with a vendor, make sure they are a solvent business with a strong track record.

Positive relationships with vendors are crucial for smooth business operations. That relationship should always be mutually beneficial and based on more than just the price listed on the contract. After all, the more snacks you sell, the more money you and your vendor make. When it comes time to evaluate your vendor partnerships, focus on the true value of both the products and the services to determine just how positive – and profitable – it will be.

Are you looking for a top snack vendor to work with?

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