In-Store Displays that Drive Sales

Today’s shoppers have short attention spans. Whether they are grocery shopping or popping into a convenience store for a drink and a snack, they want to get in and get out as quickly as possible. You have a limited (and continually shrinking) period of time to make the most out of their trip. This means that good visual merchandising is more important than ever before. Are you using these displays to effectively drive sales?

Color Matters

Color is an integral part of visual merchandising that can have a big impact on the choices a shopper makes. Bright colors attract attention and naturally draw the eye. Red and orange are great attention-grabbers, as are shades of rich yellow.  The design of the signage and logos on the display can also make a difference. You want those designs to be interesting, but not so complicated that the customer has to study it to determine what it is.

Pay Attention to Fixtures

The placement of a display matters. Too high above eye level or too low to the ground and it will have a negative impact on sales. The same thing goes for maintaining aisle space. If a display obstructs an aisle too much, or if fixtures protrude and poke customers while they are walking through the store, it will affect sales. No one will have a good feeling about a product that they bang into.  Be sure that every display’s fixtures and fittings work with the layout and design of your store and are optimally placed.

Signs Are Salespeople

Customers don’t want to have to have to ask for help. They want to find what they are looking for, they want to determine if they are getting a good price and they want to move on with their day.  The same holds true for unfamiliar products. Shoppers are willing to check them out, but they don’t want to spend all day figuring out what it is. A great sign can catch someone’s eye, but it must be clear and concise so that the customer doesn’t have to waste time trying to figure out whether or not the product is something they are interested in purchasing.

The Right Vendors Matter

Store owners don’t have the time to spend researching the latest trends in visual marketing psychology. This is where the right vendors can come into play. Partner with companies that understand your customer base and the way your customers think and shop.  Haphazard merchandising programs won’t drive sales. Planned, tested and proven displays that enhance the look and feel of your store and help create a positive customer experience do drive sales.

Are you looking for high-margin products and merchandising ideas?

If you are looking for healthy snack vendors for your grocery or convenience stores that understand the power of visual marketing and effective in-store displays, the team at Mister Snacks is here for you. Our high-margin products and merchandising ideas can help you make an impact on your customers quickly.  Contact us today to learn about our options and to discuss the ways in which we can help you increase your bottom line.