Do We Really Have to Choose Between Value Pricing and Healthy Snacking?

Twenty-first century shoppers are savvy, but it is difficult to make evaluations about the value of a healthy snack item when all you have to go on is packaging. Products make a lot of claims on their labels, and customers must make a quick decision. All too often, customers are disappointed when they open the bag.  It seems that they either buy a package that has very little product in it, or the product is stuffed with cheap filler like peanuts to make the bag appear larger and a better value.

Test Healthy Snack Value Pricing For Yourself

You can see the difference yourself the next time you are doing your own personal shopping. Take a close look at the packaging that you see lining the shelves of the healthy snack section. There are typically two scenarios. In one category, you’ll find beautiful, high-end packaging that plays up to an image of health. Often, these bags are colored so that you can’t actually see what’s in it. Why?  There is often a very small portion of product, but the price is high, reinforcing the notion that the product must be good if it’s so expensive.

Conversely, you’ll find healthy snacks in a larger package at a lower price point. These are positioned as a better value, since the price is lower by volume and you get more product. However, with these products, the visual appeal is lacking and the packages are actually stuffed with inexpensive ingredients to create the larger volume.

Do You Have to Make Your Customers Choose?

Is there a way to provide your customers with a good balance of value and visual appeal for the customer? There are vendors that do walk this fine line and provide stores with quality products that meet customer expectations based on packaging and price.

Mister Snacks packages everything in clear plastic so that the customer can see the healthy ingredients inside, without being surprised by the volume of the product or a high quantity of filler items. We design our labels to catch the customer’s eye, and our labeling is very clear. Customers don’t have to study the package closely to determine exactly what they are buying.

Mister Snacks’ products are offered to our clients in a line-priced program that makes it easy for the store, the distributor and the end user to determine value. All of our healthy snacking products are created to give customers what they want at a price they are willing to pay for a substantial, healthy snack.

Today’s consumers want transparency. There is nothing worse than opening a package of food to find tiny quantities in a large box or bag, stuffed with air or a full bag of fillers. If you want to provide your shoppers with high-quality value snack items that deliver on their promise to the consumer, Mister Snacks can help. To learn more about our products, our pricing and the ways we can help you build loyal and lasting relationships with your customer base, contact us today.