Welcome to Mister Snacks®, a leading healthy snack food distributor.

We pride ourselves on packing the highest quality snacks available anywhere.
Our snacks are a favorite among convenience stores, distributors, wholesalers, gift shops and travel stops, and our customers keep coming back because they appreciate the top-quality snacks we provide. They also know that we match our top-notch snacks with top-notch customer service. We’re dedicated to helping our customers be successful at selling our snack lines.

Our products offer a healthier snack for anyone who is looking to eat something better than a candy bar or bag of chips, and nearly every item is kosher.
Our mission is to offer our customers a healthy, high quality alternative snack line.

Our new and modern packing facility offers your customers unique snack mixes, chocolate and yogurt coated nuts and fruits, trail mixes and savory snacks that have a long shelf life where the freshness is locked in.

Call 1-800-333-6393 to learn more about getting Mister Snacks® products to your customers.

Mister Snacks® – Good Food, Great Snacks!®

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