How Can You Capitalize On Snack Sales During Busy Seasons

It’s never too early to start thinking about your next busy season of sales. Most stores are ready to go for Halloween in August and set for Christmas at the end of October. Which means they’re planning for these busy seasons well before that—like in June. To get the most out of any busy season, you have to be ready as soon as your customers start to think about it. Here’s how you can capitalize on snack sales during busy seasons.

Plan ahead

You better be ready the next time a new season rolls around. Your products need to be on the shelves as soon as one season ends and the next begins. Couple that preparation with providing the perfect snack for the right price, and your seasonal snacks will fly off the shelves.

Target the impulse shoppers

Consider where the majority of shoppers are going and position your seasonal snacks accordingly. In other words, not all your customers will end up in the refrigerated section of your store, where your milks, cheeses, and butters are located, but everyone will need to pass the ends of the aisles near the register. So stock some seasonal items there—just a casual reminder that Easter is coming up. Or Halloween. Or Hanukkah. Or Christmas. Or whatever.

Focus on your displays

Believe it or not, your presentation and display will win over customers. Or it won’t, if not done right. Most shoppers aren’t venturing into your store with the intent to purchase those specific seasonal items—they’re running in to pick out some other commodity. But while they’re in there, have a creative, stunning, display with seasonal packaging that will attract their attention and throw that holiday item up on the counter with their other choice items.

The price is right

If you have a significantly lower price than the competition, that seasonal item will get sold. That price will wow your customers as they remember they needed one more thing for their holiday party and they’ll put it in their baskets. But if the price is too high, they’ll hesitate and wonder if they can find it elsewhere for cheaper.

Nostalgic favorites

Everyone has a favorite treat for each holiday season. Think pumpkin, gingerbread, and peppermint flavors, dried cranberries, colorful sprinkles, and kosher snacks. People expect to see them in stores, so it’s important to carry a wide variety of items that your customers will buy.

Looking for great snacks?

Plan ahead, attract customers with a fun display and a low price and put it in a strategic location, and you’ll be able to capitalize on your snack sales during busy seasons. For more tips on making your snacks fly off the shelves, contact our team today.