By the Numbers: 2016 Industry Research and How 2017 is Projected to Perform

Snacking has undergone a bit of a renaissance over the last several years. People are reaching for more snacks than ever before and they are foregoing potato chips and candy bars in favor of complex and healthy snacks, whether they are on the go or hanging out at home on the couch. Here’s what 2016 looked like for snack food, and some predictions on what to expect in 2017.

2016: The Year of The Snack Food

According to 2016’s State of the Snack Food Industry Report, every single category of snack food increased sales last year. The average across the top ten major categories was 3.54%.  While healthy snacking is on the rise, consumers have not abandoned their love for sweet and indulgent snacks. Healthy snacks grew by about 3.8% last year, and indulgent snacks grew by a similar rate of 3.4%.

Snacks are both supplementing meals and replacing meals, and 94% of Americans are snacking once per day.  45% of US consumers across all age groups now report snacking more than three times per day, and 34% say that they prefer to choose snacks that can be eaten in the car and on the go.

What To Expect in 2017 Snacking Trends And Spends

The global market for snacks is expected to grow from $94.5 billion in 2015 to $138.2 billion by 2020, and 2017 should be another boom year for snack foods.  Snacking as meal replacement is expected to grow even more this year, as is between-meal snacking. Americans of all ages and family sizes are constantly on the go, and gone are the days of set times for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Because people are relying on snacks to power them through the day, shoppers are looking for more choices, especially in the healthy snack space.

Customers want high-protein snacks like nuts to help keep them full and provide them with natural energy without the crash that comes with consuming too much sugar. If a snack has to tide them over from lunch to dinner, it will have to be substantive. Complex flavors, sweet-savory combos, spicy flavors and new and unique flavor combinations are expected to be big sellers in 2017.

Now Is The Time To Capitalize on Snacking Trends

The shift in American snacking preferences has been noted over the last five years, but the biggest changes were seen between 2014 and 2016. Snacking on the go is the new normal for Americans, and retailers that are able to stay ahead of trends will build long-term loyalty among customers. Though the overall trends are heading in one direction, customers still want options.  Providing shoppers with a variety of snack foods that can be used as meal replacement or as a sweet indulgent treat will fare the best.

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