Healthy Snack Alternatives Your Customers Won’t Be Able to Resist

There is an increasing demand for healthy snack alternatives as Americans are becoming increasingly mindful of their food choices. It’s not just health nuts who want to choose “better” snacks, it’s people of all ages, incomes and backgrounds. Are you offering healthy snack alternatives that your customers are looking for?

Healthy Snacking Continues to Increase in Popularity

People are more aware than ever the choices they make when snacking can have a major impact on their health. That doesn’t mean people have completely abandoned indulgent snacks – candy and chips will always have a place in American food culture – but it does mean indulgent snacks are not the “default” choice they once were for consumers.

According to the 2016 State of the Snack Foods Industry Report, healthy snacks are outpacing less “mindful” snacks like never before. Nut sales increased by 4.3 percent in 2016 and overall, healthy snacks grew by 3.8 percent.

A major factor driving this trend is the increase in snacking frequency. Long gone are the days when families sat around a table for three meals a day. Today, we are all on the go and people rely on snacks to act as meal replacements or to power them through those long lags in between meals. In fact, 45 percent of Americans now snack more than three times a day.

How Consumers Choose Snack Foods

It’s obvious healthy snacking is on the rise, but how are consumers choosing the foods they reach for? According to the State of The Snack Foods Industry report, 82 percent of shoppers look for value, 57 percent look for snacks that include vitamins and minerals, 52 percent want added health benefits outside of nutrient content like antioxidants, 49 percent want snacks that include fruits or vegetables and 48 percent are looking for fiber.

Every consumer will have their own priorities when it comes time to choose where to spend their money on snack foods, so variety is the key to meeting customer demands. There are an endless number of choices to choose from when stocking snacks, but a good mix of products including protein-based snacks, fruit and nut mixes, savory mixes, salty mixes and even snacks that include some chocolate can ensure you’re catching the eye of the mindful snacker in your store.

Are You Offering the Healthy Snack Alternatives Your Shoppers Want?

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