Protein Push: Health Nuts Will Buy These Snacks

If you’ve been paying attention over the last five years, you have probably noticed protein is all the rage.  It seems everyone from Taco Bell to the milk industry is now marketing their products as protein-packed. Consumers are bombarded with messages that protein helps them lose weight, get stronger and maintain muscle mass. In fact, according to NPD Group research, 71 percent of consumers say they want more protein in their diet.

Since 2008, there has been a 54 percent increase in snack products making high-protein claims, and in the last year, there was a 49 percent increase. Retailers would be wise to capitalize on the popularity of protein by offering choices to meet the rising demand in protein-packed snacks.

Why Is Protein So Popular?

It isn’t news that protein helps build lean muscle and provides eaters with a sense of fullness that can stave off hunger, thus reducing the idle snacking that can lead to unhealthy weight gain. Some researchers believe that protein-based diets for weight loss and control have more staying power than restrictive diets.

Diets that force eaters to significantly reduce or cut out fat, sugar, gluten and carbs are hard to stick with. Conversely, protein-based diets encourage people to consume healthy food. Additionally, people understand there are benefits associated with eating protein such as a feeling of fullness, weight loss and increased muscle mass.

Nuts For Nuts

We all learned in school meat is a good source of protein, but so are nuts, making nut-based snacks extremely popular for mindful eaters. Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar or a bag of potato chips, which often comes with a side of guilt, people can choose to eat nut-based snacks to curb hunger, stay fuller and maintain energy levels without experiencing a “crash.”

Nuts are extremely versatile, as well. They can be sold as a standalone product, or they can be combined with seeds, dried or whole fruit, yogurt or even small chocolate pieces. Nut-based snack foods can be designed to meet any specific snack craving from savory to salty to sweet.

Are You Meeting the Snacking Needs of Your Health Nuts?

Whether you are a grocery store, C-store or specialty retailer, there is value if providing protein-packed snack options for your shoppers. It’s not just weightlifters and gym rats on board the protein train, it’s everyone.

Mister Snacks offers a wide variety of snacks to help you meet the changing demands of your customer base. You can choose from single nuts, nut mixes, fruit and nut combinations, nuts and granola, trail mixes and nuts paired with snack mixes that take advantage of popular flavors like sriracha, Cajun seasoning, barbecue, honey mustard, etc. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we can help you meet the growing demand for protein-packed healthy snacks.