What Do Your Displays Say About Your Turn Rate?

Managing inventory can be a major headache for any retailer. It often requires setting aside huge chunks of time to determine what you’ve got on your shelves and sorting through projected stock, stock on hand, theft, breakage, spoilage, and other losses.  Strong inventory management processes are critical for the health of a store, but it goes a little bit deeper than staying on top of your counts.

Old Products Don’t Move

Let’s say such a store exists out in the middle of nowhere. The store hasn’t seen a shopper in over a year, but a vanload of travelers stops in one day to fuel up on gas and food. When the tourists walk in the store, they’ll all probably walk out with nothing. Why? They could tell that no one shops there.  Your displays and your shelves actually say a lot about the health of your business, and shoppers know if you haven’t turned anything over since flip phones were still popular.

Customers also pay attention to your displays in a busy store. If they walk into your store every day for their morning coffee and they see the same selection of snacks in the same quantities on the same shelves, they know those items are not moving, and they’ll wonder what’s wrong with it. It’s the same psychology that goes into the bars and restaurants people choose to patronize. If a person walks by a restaurant every day and sees nothing but empty tables, they’ll never go in. But if they see that people are constantly coming and going, they will be more apt to check it out on their own.

Great Vendor Partners Matter

There is a lot that goes into determining how to stock your shelves with products that move and knowing when to rotate and restock items for freshness. It requires strong inventory management tools, old-fashioned know-how, and the ability to accurately time deliveries, rotations and restocks.  The most powerful tools in the world are great, but you’ve still got to be able to get the items you need, when you need them. That requires strong vendor partnerships to ensure you have access to products that sell, and that you can quickly modify inventory of products that aren’t selling as projected. Partners that can anticipate your needs and respond quickly to changes can mean the difference between profitability and stagnation.

We want to partner with you!

Mister Snacks works with grocery stores, C-stores and specialty shops to ensure that shelves are stocked with fast-selling snack foods that move quickly, based on each store’s unique customer base. We work closely with our partners to help them manage turn rate, keep fresh items on the shelves, and maintain healthy margins. To learn more about the ways Mister Snacks can help you maintain your bottom line, contact our team today.

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