Gourmet Snacking For Foodies

What comes to mind when you hear the term “foodie?” Do you picture a young, hip, urban professional that documents every gourmet meal they eat on Instagram? The truth is, people who identify as foodies come in all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds, and nearly 50% of Americans label themselves as “foodies.”

Who Are Foodies?

In their recent report, “Foodies in the US: Opportunities for Restaurants and Retail, Second Edition,” Packaged Facts found that foodies are most likely to be under the age of 35, which means the bulk of people who identify as foodies are Millennials. The second biggest segment of the foodie population are Baby Boomers at the opposite end of the generational spectrum.

This could present a challenge in terms of marketing and merchandising, given the differences between Boomers and Millennials, but the study found something interesting.  As a whole, both younger and older foodies have similar psychographic profiles, meaning their priorities, preferences, attitudes and decision-drivers about food converge in a number of ways.

The study found that Baby Boomers are as likely as Millennials to snack exclusively on healthy foods, to choose organic and natural foods, and to seek out nutritious ingredients. They are both likely to try new twists on classics and they enjoy testing out complex flavor combinations.

How To Reach Foodies With Snack Selections

What does this mean for your retail store? Grocery stores have been offering a wide variety of packaged and fresh foods designed to appeal to foodies.  Independent stores and C-stores have also tried to dive into the foodie world. Recently, 7-Eleven recently made a huge push in their fresh food offerings, and in many stores you can now buy items like papaya-mango fruit salad with chili-lime spice and fresh turkey wraps with basil spread.

Independent stores and smaller chains don’t necessarily have the resources to test out gourmet fresh offerings, but they can still reach the foodie population by offering packaged snack foods for the discerning snacker on-the-go.  Americans are snacking more than ever, and snack foods are serving as meal replacements in a majority of households today.

Mister Snacks is a market leader in gourmet snack offerings. Retailers can choose from a range of healthy nut and snack mixes with complex flavorings that scratch the foodie’s itch to eat interesting, but healthy foods.

Looking for a strategic partner?

If you are looking to provide your foodie shoppers with healthy snack options to satisfy their complex tastes, Mister Snacks has gourmet snack selections that will allow you to rise to the occasion. We offer a variety of high-margin, healthy snacks tailored to the foodie trend. Contact us today to learn more about the ways we can help you achieve your goals.