What’s Inside the Package?

Consumers are demanding transparency everywhere they shop these days. People understand the adverse health effects of unhealthy eating and they have demanded product labeling that is transparent and easy to understand. In fact, most health gurus advise consumers to put down a package if they can’t pronounce the items listed in the ingredients.

In fact, many consumers are going one step farther, looking for transparent packaging that allows them to see what’s inside. To understand why, put your own consumer hat on. There are few things more frustrating than buying a snack food and opening the box or bag, only to be disappointed by what you find inside. If you want to build loyalty with your customers and boost sales, consider choosing products that commit to transparency.

Just How Important Is Transparency to Consumers?

According to Label Insight’s 2016 Transparency ROI Study, nine out of ten consumers say transparency is important when making food choices in every single product category in which they buy. Additionally, the survey also uncovered:

  • 40% of consumers said they would change to a new brand that provided full product transparency.
  • 73% said they would be willing to pay more for a product that offered total transparency.
  • 94% of respondents said they are likely to be loyal to transparent brands.
  • 86% of Millennial mothers reported they are willing to pay more for food products that offer total transparency.

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Does Transparent Packaging Boosts Sales?

Those data points are good in theory, but does transparency actually translate to better sales? According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), yes, transparent packaging does lift sales.

Consumers’ demands for more transparency aren’t going away. In fact, they are growing.  According to WSJ’s reporting, big brands like General Mills and even Hillshire Farms are starting to take notice to this trend.

Thirty percent of shoppers in the transparency study say they gauge how fresh a product is by appearance, rather than by a sell-by date. Clean labeling and clear packaging impact a shopper’s first impression of how fresh food is and proves the point that the product has nothing to hide in terms of additives or fillers.

Whether customers are doing their weekly grocery shop or they are popping into a C-store for a quick snack, people are getting pickier about how they spend their hard-earned money. They will take time to browse and compare products and they are more likely to choose a product they can see, so they know exactly where their money is going and to be sure the product is actually living up to its claims.

Are You Ready to Get Transparent?

If you are ready to start offering your customers healthy snack products with 100% transparency in labeling and packaging, it’s time to talk to Mister Snacks.  We have always provided clear and transparent packaging that keeps customers coming back for more. For more information on how our products can help you increase customer loyalty and boost sales and margins, contact the team at Mister Snacks today.