Don’t Walk Into a Sales Call with Another Pen or Pad of Paper

Let’s face it. Your customers and prospects are busy people and even if you’ve got the most talented and personable sales team in your market, most people tend to bristle when they say a sales rep walk through the door. In general, people don’t like to be sold, and they instantly get their defenses up when they see a rep coming towards them.

You’ve probably heard the old saying that you should never show up empty handed when you are a guest in someone’s home. This is a good rule of thumb for the sales rep, as well. Walking through the door with nothing but a smile and your business card won’t get you very far. But if you come with something delicious for your customers to snack on, you’ll be a much more welcome presence.

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Can Snacks Really Drive Sales?

Showing up with healthy snack foods in hand gives you a real reason to make the call. If you walk in empty handed, you have to work harder to get and keep attention. However, if you show up with food, you’ve got a reason to be there. Saying, “I found this amazing treat that I wanted to share with you and your team,” shows you were thinking about the customer or prospect and you went out of your way to bring them something special.  You also then have a reason to call back to see how the team liked the snacks, which helps keep communication lines open while strengthening the relationship.

Always make sure to bring plenty of snacks for the customer’s team. Good food makes for good friends, and if you can soften the support staff’s feelings about you by bringing them great products to try, they will be more likely to put your calls through and they will be more likely to provide their boss with good feedback about you, your company, and your products.

Finally, snacks can keep your company and products top-of-mind. Let’s face it, it’s nice to show up with a box of donuts, but donuts have nothing to do with your company or your product (and they pack on the pounds). Showing up with healthy but delicious snacks and tying the snack directly to your product and business through custom labeling is a creative way to ensure that your customers and prospects remember you after you walk out the door.

Are you looking for better snacks to bring to sales calls?

Mister Snacks knows what it’s like to be a salesperson in today’s busy world. We help businesses in all industries develop custom-labeled snack samples that their sales team can use as a tool to get in the door and build relationships with customers. Don’t let your salespeople go to their next call empty handed. Let Mister Snacks help you choose healthy snacks to use as a sales tool, and allow us to help you design custom labels generated just for your company to ensure that your salespeople will be remembered as the reps who bring healthy, delicious snacks to the office. Contact us today to learn more.