Do You Know What Your Customers Want?

Recently, CSP and Technomic engaged in a research study to see how regional tastes impact c-stores. They looked at 2,500 convenience stores in four regions: Northeast, South, Midwest and West over the fall months of 2016. The comprehensive study examined regional attitudes on everything from snack cravings to gasoline brands to their motivation for stepping into a C-store. Do you know what customers in your region want from your store?

Regional Highlights of the Study

More than 80% of US consumer say they patronize a c-store at least once per month. When it comes to daily visits, 37% of Northeasterners, 34% of Southerners, 31% of Midwesterners and 30% of Westerners visit convenience stores as part of their daily routine.  Furthermore 66% of Southerners, Northeasterners and Midwesterners, and 55% of Westerners visit a c-store once per week.  According to CSP, the reason for the disparity in the West is lack of access. There are simply fewer convenience stores in the open spaces of western states outside of metropolitan areas.

When it comes to the choices consumers make about which stores to visit and what to buy while there are there, Midwest shoppers said they are looking for value, while Westerners want to see healthy food options.  Southerners choose where to shop based on safety and cleanliness while Northern shoppers are looking for a fast meal or meal replacement option.

The survey also discovered that the vast majority of all c-store shoppers use smartphones frequently and c-stores have a unique opportunity to begin connecting with customers through mobile apps and ads to get them through the doors.

What Customers Want In Snack Foods

When it comes to snack food choices, specifically, we know that Westerners are more interested in healthy choices.  However, at a national level, all types of people are snacking more and looking for smarter choices no matter where they shop:

  • One-third of consumers actively limit their consumptions of cookies candy and ice cream.
  • Parents are opting for healthier snack foods for their children.
  • 33% of shoppers look for foods that are easy to consume on the go.
  • When a snack is being consumed as a meal replacement, shoppers are more likely to choose a healthy option.
  • 20% of people who snack look at protein content.
  • Regardless of how “healthy” the snack is, people want something that tastes good.

Are You Providing Snacks Your Shoppers Want?

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