Make Your Product Irresistible

In order to be successful, you must provide products that customers want, when they want them. Your product must not only speak to a real need, it must also be relevant to the tastes of the modern consumer and it must be irresistible, especially to impulse. Impulse buying isn’t about choice; it is an unplanned buying behavior that is almost always driven by emotion – a desire to have that item “right now.” Appealing to impulse buyers is a great way to lift your sales, if you understand a little bit about how you can appeal to your shoppers at just the right time.

Capitalizing on Impulse Buying

Impulse buys are big business. Nearly $4 billion is generated from impulse buys every year and nearly one-third of all shoppers make at least one impulse buy per week. There are lots of complex reasons why people engage in impulse buying behaviors ranging from environmental factors, societal pressure, self-image and more. Regardless of the psychology that drives someone to buy on impulse, making your product irresistible to that impulse is a very planned activity.

You can’t just toss products next to the checkout counter and hope for the best. You have to ensure that your impulse products can be seen, that customers can make a fast judgment about whether it’s a valuable purchase, that they can quickly grab it or drop in their cart, etc.  You can make your products irresistible to impulse by:

  • Focusing on products that are transparent both literally in its packaging and in its labeling so customers can see what they are buying.
  • Putting high-margin items in visible areas where foot traffic is high and where customers are likely to be idle. The average customer spends nearly 30 seconds at the checkout line (more if the store is busy), so provide them with enticing choices that attract attention as they wait.
  • Place product on the counter where the customer will spend his or her last few minutes in the store. It’s easy for shoppers to justify adding an item at the counter when they are in full buying mode.
  • Optimize space using clip strips which add additional product without crowding shelves.
  • Take advantage of the marketing and display options provided by distributors. Effective partners take the guesswork out of impulse displays and can provide you with what you need to drive sales.

Are You Ready To Cash In Shoppers’ Impulse Buys?

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