Choosing The Best Holiday Gifts For Clients

Client relationships are built and maintained on a number of factors. Like any relationship, it is important to do something special for clients to let them know that you appreciate their business,

especially around the holidays.  Gift giving can be a bit of a tight rope, however. Impersonal gifts or inappropriate gifts can actually damage, rather than strengthen, your relationships. It is important to choose wisely to present gifts that are welcome, thoughtful and ensure you are remembered for the right reasons.

Err On The Side Of Good Taste

Client gifts should always be professional, rather than personal. For example, a gift of flowers or perfume might be misinterpreted as a romantic gesture. It is also inappropriate to send a gag gift because you never know how your humor will come across. Finally, it is wise to avoid sending alcohol, even if you know the client partakes.  Use this basic rule of thumb: if you have to question the appropriateness of a gift, don’t send it.

Food Brings People Together

Food is an especially appropriate gift, especially during the holidays. Food is something that brings people together, promotes sharing, and is associated with warmth and friendship. However, you want to differentiate yourself from the folks who will be sending scads of cookies and peppermints. Think outside the box and consider sending a gift set of more interesting and standout snacks that can be shared among the team.

Make Sure To Be An Early Bird

If you really want to stand out, send your holiday gifts as early as possible. If you wait until December 20, your gift will get lost in the shuffle, if it even gets there at all. People take time off during the holidays, and your client may be off if you put off sending your gift too long.  The earlier you send your gift, the more likely the client is to remember it, appreciate it, and consume it.

Client Gifts Aren’t Just For The Holidays

This is the right time of year to start thinking about giving holiday gifts, but it is also a good time to think about developing a year-round gift-giving protocol. Gifts are a great way to build bridges with clients and let them know they are important throughout the year. Consider sending a gift when:

  • A client celebrates a business milestone.
  • A client launches a new product.
  • A client hits their anniversary working with you.
  • A client is experiencing a very busy or stressful time of year (i.e., tax time for accountants).
  • Other holidays throughout the year. Clients will remember if you are the company that sends a gift on the Fourth of July.

Are You Searching For The Perfect Client Holiday Gift?

If you are searching for unique holiday gift ideas for clients, let the team at Mister Snacks help you prepare now for the holidays. Contact us today to learn more about our gift assortments and the ways we can help you make the right impression on your clients.