3 C-Store Marketing Tips That Will Drive Repeat Sales

Economic improvement has helped to boost c-store sales across the board, many store owners are failing at building loyalty. Now that consumer confidence is on the rise and people are opening their wallets again, it’s time to consider marketing tips that will drive repeat sales and create loyal customers.

1) Don’t Ignore The Pumps

You probably have lots of customers that visit your store every single week and you don’t know who they are. They pull into the pump, pay, gas up and head on their way.  Think about creating incentives to motivate people to step away from the pump and walk into the store.  You can create a loyalty program where gas points are earned through in-store purchases and vice versa. Or, advertise some of your higher-margin items by the pumps.  Many C-stores focus on coffee ads outdoors, but consider adding signage that promotes a healthy snack for people looking for a quick breakfast replacement that is healthier than a donut.

2) Focus On Product Value

It is tempting to lure customers into the store with deep discounts on products, but discounts don’t drive loyalty. If you price an offer too low, return customers will suffer from sticker shock when the discount period ends. Instead, focus on providing products that offer real value. You can lure customers to high-margin items by discounting a well-paired product when both items are purchased together.

Your merchandising and displays also contribute to the perceived value of your products. Working with strong vendors who can provide you with attractive, clear, customer-friendly displays will drive your shoppers back to their favorite products again and again.

3) Simplify Your Loyalty Program

Your business is called a “convenience store” for a reason.  Many c-stores make the mistake of implementing complicated loyalty programs that require customers to scan their phones, provide their phone numbers or take additional actions that lengthen their time in the checkout line.  While some of your customers come in and have a coffee and chit-chat, most of your customers are trying to get back to their busy day as quickly as possible.

If you can, invest in a simple program that requires only a card scan or that ties into purchases with credit and debit cards, so that customers do not have to take extra steps in order get rewards for shopping with you on a regular basis.

Bonus Tip: Partner With Mister Snacks

Mister Snacks works closely with C-stores to ensure that marketing and display initiatives promote value and build loyalty among shoppers. We can keep your shelves stocked with high-margin, fast-selling snack foods  that resonate with each store location’s unique customer base, and we can help you develop a pricing and marketing plan to protect margins and grow sales. Contact us today to learn more.