Introducing Healthy Snack Options Into A Micro Market

Healthy snacks are no longer a fad. Yes, people still enjoy reaching for an indulgent treat from time to time, but overall, snack purchases are now being driven by the ingredients inside the package. Thus, micro market owners need to rethink the standard practices that have ruled the industry for so long. There was a time, not so many years ago, when healthy didn’t sell. But today, consumers are demanding healthier choices and micro market vendors should know that if they aren’t keeping pace with trends, their bottom lines will suffer.

The Right Way To Introduce Healthy Snack Options

You don’t need to turn your micro market into a mini Whole Foods.  Quite the contrary. According to advice from Vending Market Watch, the best approach is to start with a ratio of 10 percent healthy snacks and then based on data, adjust your offerings to meet the demands of your customers. The right snack food vendors can help you dig into your sales and determine the right product mix for your locations.

Make Your Market Appealing To Millennials

Millennials have been the main driving force of the rise in healthy snacking. Millennials snack more often than any other age group and they are more likely to use snacks as a meal replacement. If your micro market directly competes with restaurants, food stands, or vending machines, you can capture the eyes and dollars of this generation by introducing healthy snacks. While Baby Boomers might be more inclined to wait in line for a full meal, Millennials will be more likely to drop into the micro market to grab a snack that will cost less than a meal but tide them over with fiber and protein.

Overcoming The Challenges Of Introducing Healthy Snack Options

There are some challenges to introducing healthy snacks to a micro market. Spoilage and shrinkage are clear obstacles, but don’t forget that “healthy” doesn’t have to mean all fresh fruits and vegetables. There are packaged foods that can far outlast the shelf life of an apple and still appeal to those looking for a healthy snack.

Nuts, nut mixes, trail mixes and the like are great foods to introduce to a micro market looking to offer healthy choices. These types of products are also ideal for markets that want to appeal to people who have complex taste demands. A strong healthy snack food vendor keeps pace with taste trends and offers flavors that are in line with what’s hip and hot in the market like wasabi, sriracha, sweet and savory combinations, sweet and salty combinations and more.

Are You Looking For A Snack Food Vendor To Increase Margins and Revenue?

At Mister Snacks, we help micro market operators increase their bottom line through healthy snack options that resonate with each location’s unique customer base. If you want to learn more about the ways we can help you introduce healthy and profitable snacks, contact our team today.