3 Ways To Help Your Customers Conquer Their Cravings

We’ve all been susceptible to a craving for a snack that drives us to stop what we are doing or veer off our current path to find a snack to satiate us. We’ve also all been in a situation where we stand in a store stocked wall-to-wall with food and thought, “there’s nothing here I want.” Don’t be that store. Use these three tips to help your customers conquer their cravings.

One: Always Offer Options

Sometimes, people want something sweet. Other times they want something salty. Or perhaps something savory. The best way to be ready for whatever is driving someone in for a snack is to provide them with options. The key is to make them feel good about the options you are offering. Chips, candy and pretzels simply won’t cut it in this modern era of health-consciousness. Offer your shoppers a little bit of everything with snack selections that appeal to both their desire for indulgence and their drive for something healthy. A variety of nut and snack mixes that incorporate everything from dried fruits to yogurt or chocolate-covered ingredients shows your customers that you know they want to be “bad” but you support their need to be “good.”

Two: Offer Promo Pairs

Someone coming in for a snack to curb a craving can easily be persuaded to buy a drink or a second snack with the right offer. Everyone loves a deal, and let’s face it – when we are hungry, we are all likely to spend a little more than we intended to curb a craving.

Offer BOGO items on snack foods, or drink deals with the purchase of a snack to entice shoppers to spend a little extra. If you really want to show your customers that you understand their cravings, make the deals dependent on the time of day. For example, at lunch you might offer a deal on a snack and a water since shoppers are likely looking for a healthy meal replacement. In the evening, you might offer a deal on a snack and a chocolate milk, since they are likely satisfying a late-night sweet snack attack.

Three: Create A Snack-Based Loyalty Program

To become your customers’ go-to for unplanned cravings, reward them to coming to your to you when they feel an attack coming on. For every ten snacks they buy from a particular brand, they get one free. To get the most from loyalty programs like this, make sure to choose your highest-margin brands. Over-discounting low-margin items will have the opposite impact you’re trying to create on your bottom line.

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