And the Top 2 Consumer Influencers Are?

There are endless factors that can contribute to a single customer’s decision whether to buy a snack food product. However, when a customer is standing in an aisle and faced with an array of choices, there are two major influencers that determine what they buy: Labeling and packaging.

Influencer #1: Labeling

Labels, as the kids say, are kind of a big deal. From the name on the package to the clarity of the information found there, labels matter to consumers. Customers want to be able to look at a package, assess what’s inside and determine if it’s a good value for their money, and they want to do all of that as fast as possible.

Stores that want to speak to these needs should choose products that show a commitment to clear language and labeling. According to a recent study by Label Insights, ninety percent of consumers list transparency as a top priority when making food choices in every category. Additionally, the study revealed that 73% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a product that was labeled transparently, 94% said they are loyal to brands that value transparency, and 86% are willing to pay more for products that offer total transparency in labeling.

If your store has purchased snack foods that aren’t moving as quickly as you had hoped, study the labeling from a shopper’s perspective.  Is the information clear and easy to understand? Are the ingredients pronounceable? Do claims of health and nutrition match the information found in the labeling?  If you find complexity, it could be the source of slow sales.

Influencer #2: Packaging

The second biggest influencer in whether someone purchases a snack food is packaging. If you’ve ever spent a lot of money on packaged food only to be disappointed at the contents, you understand how important packaging is.

Packaging creates a feeling about a product. If the packaging looks cheap, the natural assumption is that the product inside is cheap. If the package is not see-through, customers may wonder if the contents actually match the claim on the outside. It’s frustrating, for example, to buy nut mix only to open it and discover it’s 90% peanuts.

Customers have been burned by bait-and-switch packaging so often that they are becoming more savvy and demanding packaging that is not only attractive, but verifies their feeling about a product. Packaging forms a shopper’s first impression of a food, and they often assess a product based on the attractiveness of that package.

This trend has driven more companies to opt for transparent packaging so customers can actually see what they are getting for the money, assess the quality and freshness of a product and quickly make a buying decision.

Are You Delivering What Your Customers Want?

If you are ready to stock your shelves with products that meet customers’ demands for clear labeling and packaging, talk to Mister Snacks.  We have always provided clear labeling and transparent packaging that customers appreciate. For more information on how our products can help you boost sales and margins, contact our team today.