Three Reasons Why Protein Snacks Are Still in High Demand

Protein has been one of the most popular snack foods for several years, and according to NPD research, 71% of consumers still want more protein in their diets.  Restaurants and food manufacturers across the country are making a big push to market their products as high in protein to capitalize on this trend. In fact, since 2008, there has been an increase of more than 50% in snack foods marketing themselves as high in protein. But just what is driving this continued popularity in protein?

Protein Keeps You Full

Innova Market Insights says that health concerns are a major factor in protein’s popularity, specifically for weight management. Protein is a healthy alternative to junk food snacks that provides a steady boost of energy and a sense of fullness that refined sugars and fats do not. People who are concerned about their wellness and want to control their weight are much more likely to reach for a protein-based snack than any other type of snack food. According to Innova data, nearly three percent of all foods marketed are labeled as high-protein or a source of protein, and in the United States protein-based foods make up six percent of the entire market.

The Paleo Diet Boom

Most Americans know at least one person who is an evangelist of the paleo diet in which a person follows a dietary plan similar to that of a hunter-gatherer in the Paleolithic era. This diet relies primarily on protein – lean meat, fish, and nuts, and also incorporates fruits, vegetables and seeds. The diet directs followers to limit farmed foods like dairy, grains and legumes.

Advocates of a paleo diet suggest that the human body was not designed for modern foods that emerged with farming, and they blame farmed food on obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The science is mixed on whether the reasoning for a paleo diet is sound, but it is the most popular diet in America.

Protein Is Affordable, Tasty Health

Another reason why protein is so popular is that protein-based foods are natural, yet affordable. While organic produce can cost up to ten times more as non-organic fruits and veggies, snacks like nuts are typically reasonably priced, even in health food stores.

Nut mixes are also extremely popular and allow consumers to snack on not just a serving of nuts, but also fruits at the same time. Snack food manufacturers have been experimenting for years with complex flavors that allow consumers to choose a healthy snack that appeals to their indulgent side without breaking their budget.

Are You Offering Protein-Packed Options to Your Customers?

Protein isn’t just for exercise enthusiasts anymore. It has firmly made its way into the mainstream and shows no sign of decreasing in popularity any time soon. If you are looking for delicious, high-margin protein snacks that you can offer your shoppers at an affordable price point, Mister Snacks can help.  Contact us today to get started.