Going Nuts for Fruits and Veggies!

The paleo diet – a meal plan that mirrors that of a Paleolithic era human – is the most popular diet in America right now. But nipping at paleo’s caveman heels is the fruits, veggies and nut diet. Everyone from yogi gurus to celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels is touting the benefits of this type of diet, and each year, more and more people hop on board.

The Appeal of Fruits, Veggies, and Nuts

This type of diet is appealing to people of all stripes. Vegans and vegetarians like it because there is no chance of consuming an animal product. But meat-eating Americans also like it because it appeals to their busy lifestyle. Fruits, nuts, and veggies can be consumed raw, which cuts back on time spent in the kitchen, and they are extremely portable, which means they can be eaten all day, whether at work, at home or on the go.


Fruits provide an energy boost without the “crash” of refined sugar and they are loaded with dietary fiber. Fruits are jam-packed with vitamins spanning every letter of the alphabet, and many contain essential minerals. Fruit can be consumed in raw form, cooked form or in a juice or smoothie. Small fruits like berries typically contain more nutrients than larger fruits because the nutrient content is denser.


Veggies are less sweet than fruit but typically pack more nutrients per ounce, especially among leafy green vegetables. They can be consumed raw, cooked or juiced. Veggies are low in calories because they contain little protein and fat, but many vegetables like beans and peas are high in dietary fiber.


Nuts introduce nutrients into the body that are also provided by meat. They are extremely rich in protein which provides energy for the cells of the body and nuts also contain healthy fats. The omega-3 fatty acids in nuts are an unsaturated fat that offers a high-calorie content without raising cholesterol, which keeps the body full without risking weight gain. Aiding in keeping the body full is the high dietary fiber content of most nuts.

Are You Appealing to Fruit, Veggie and Nut Shoppers?

While a fruit, vegetable and nut diet is not recommended on a long-term basis, many Americans use some form of this diet in an effort to aid in short-term weight loss or to jumpstart a health and wellness regimen. While there are many questions surrounding the health of processed foods, there is no question about the nutrition levels of fruits, nuts and veggies. These foods allow people to make healthy shopping choices without confusion.

Do you have the right resources in place to reach your shoppers?

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