Add Healthy Snacks to Your C-store Spring Line-Up

Spring is a fun time in the world of snacking. Many consumers are ready to shed their fatty winter insulation and are beginning to think about preparing for lighter clothing and even—gulp!—bathing suit season! With warmer weather, consumers are busier, looking for portable, healthy snacks that they can grab in a pinch and that they won’t feel guilty about later.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are packed with protein and fiber and healthy fats! Mister Snacks sells roasted and salted almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, mixed nuts, unsalted cashews, and more with various seasonings and flavored coatings—all snacks consumers can enjoy while promoting good health.

Mister Snacks sells sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.  The protein and healthy fats will make you feel fuller longer—perfect for consumers who are counting calories or looking to shed their winter pounds. And they can always add whatever seasoning they want to make them even tastier!

Dried fruit

Dried fruits are full of fiber and usually don’t have any added sugar since fruits are sweet on their own. Mister Snacks sells a variety of mixes that include banana and apple chips, and other dried fruits including mangoes, strawberries, raisins, cranberries, apricots, pineapples, dates, and papaya. Try our Honey Apple Crunch, Mango Fruit Mix, or Million $ Bash.

Trail mix

Trail mixes make great snacks—convenient, healthy and full of flavor. With both nuts and dried fruits, they’re full of fiber and protein, some with milk or dark chocolate mix-ins for those with a sweet tooth. Try our Yogurt Trail Mix, Rocky Mountain Mix, or Strawberry Honey Crunch. Others have spicy or savory seasonings. Try our Buffalo Wing Nuts, Hot Cajun Mix, or our Dragon Mix—rice crackers and soynuts with chili, wasabi, and barbeque flavors. Many of Mister Snacks healthy mixes boast all-natural ingredients, with no added salt/sugar, no hydrogenated oil, zero trans fat.

Gourmet snacks

 Try some of our gourmet snacks, such as Nevada Nuggets, New England Snack Mixes, Yogurt Trail Mixes, Health Mix, Cranny Banany mix, and Yogurt Pretzel Twists. And our all natural rice crackers are low-fat and good for dipping in nut butters, hummus, or pairing with cheese.

Don’t forget about Easter Snacks!

Easter means one thing—chocolate! Lenten fasting is over and people are looking for those indulgent treats to stuff their children’s Easter baskets. But Millennials, an increasingly health-conscious bunch, are still looking for that special combination of both savory and sweet—full of protein and fiber and not loaded with bad fats and empty calories. Try our Milk Chocolate Cashews, Chocolate Pretzel Twists, Milk Chocolate Almonds, or Chocolate Fruit and Nut mix.

Looking for healthy snacks to add to your c-store lineup?

For more information on how Mister Snacks can help you provide your customers that will keep them coming back for more, contact our team today.