The Essential P’s of Selling Snacks

To sell anything, you have to have the perfect combination of the four P’s: product, place, price, and promotion. When these principles are considered and executed perfectly, your product will be well received—even sought after—by customers and sales will soar. Here’s how to master the four P’s so you can build an effective marketing campaign.

The 4 P’s of Snack Sales


You need to understand your customers and what they’re looking for before you can understand what makes your product so valuable to them. Consumers want convenient, flavorful snacks that are rich in fiber and protein, something that will fill them up but won’t make them feel guilty. They look for attractive, sturdy packaging that’s also easy to open, with wording such as no added salt or sugar, low-fat, fat-free, and no trans-fat.


Customers have to feel that they’re paying a fair price when they buy your product. If they know they can get the same snacks from your competitors at a noticeably lower price, not only will they not buy from you, but they might stop frequenting your store altogether. But you also need to make a profit and make your customers feel that they’re paying for high quality items. Similar products should be priced similarly. Pricing might also be affected by distribution plans, value chain costs and markups, and the pricing of rival products.


Customers can’t buy products that they can’t find with relative ease. Snacks and treats that are placed at eyelevel and in a heavily-trafficked area tend to sell much faster that those that are on bottom shelves or in the back of the store. Products that are placed by the door or near the cash register—locations that every customer has to pass by—are more likely to sell. Remember that customers value convenience, so if it’s too much trouble to seek out a certain product, they’ll probably just choose something that’s closer and easier to spot. Nowadays, when consumers spend a good chunk of their daily life online, it’s also important to consider online placement as well.


To set your product apart as superior to the competition, you need to promote it as bigger or a better value for a better price. Instead of just putting it in a more obvious, accessible place in the store, tell your customers that the product is healthier, tastier, more filling, and easier to grab and eat. When you promote a product or a brand, consider using social media, email marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, and advertising. Your customers are more likely to buy something that they recognize from online advertisements and promotional posters.

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