What Are The Best Snacks To Eat For Daily Nutritional Goals?

Healthy snacks throughout the day are a great way to stave off hunger in between meals and prevent you from housing a bag of greasy chips. Delicious, yes, but they won’t make you feel great at the end of the day, and they certainly won’t help if you’re looking to lose weight. To meet your nutritional goals, you need protein and fiber to keep you feeling energized throughout the day. Here are the healthiest snacks to keep you satisfied in between meals.


Nuts are packed with protein and fiber and healthy fats! Almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts—we’ve got them all! Twenty-three almonds have only 161 calorie while a half-cup of pistachios has 160 calories, and the act of removing them from their shells helps you slow down and be more mindful. Mister Snacks sells roasted and salted almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, mixed nuts, unsalted cashews, and more with various seasonings and flavored coatings—all snacks you can enjoy while promoting good health.


Mister Snacks sells sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.  The protein and healthy fats will make you feel fuller longer and if you’re counting calories, 25 roasted and salted sunflower seeds have 159 calories, and a half-cup of pumpkin seeds is 143 calories. And you can always add whatever seasoning you want to make them even tastier!

Dried fruit

A half-cup of apple chips is just over 100 calories, full of fiber and usually doesn’t have any added sugar since apples are sweet on their own. Dried mango Mister Snacks sells a variety of mixes that include banana chips, apple chips, and other dried fruits including mangoes, strawberries, raisins, cranberries, apricots, pineapples, dates, and papaya.

Trail mix

Trail mixes are a great catch-all when it comes to snacking. There’s so much variety when it comes to flavor. You can choose sweet with dark chocolate add-ins, yogurt covered raisins and nuts, or dried fruits. Or you can choose something spicy like our Texas Hots mix, wasabi, chili lemon, or Buffalo wing nuts. Many of Mister Snacks healthy mixes boast all-natural ingredients, with no added salt/sugar, no hydrogenated oil, zero trans fat. And for those of you counting calories, ¼ cup of trail mix is usually 120 calories.

Rice crackers

 Add some almond butter and pomegranate seeds to our rice crackers for a quick and tasty 200-calorie snack. The brown rice gives you some complex carbs for longer-lasting energy, plus some healthy fats and protein from the almond butter. Our soy-based have that extra punch of protein to boost your energy during the day.

Yogurt-covered fruit, pretzels, and nuts

Not only do we cover cranberries, apricots, pretzels, almonds, and cashews in creamy yogurt, but we also do it with indulgent milk chocolate and antioxidant-packed dark chocolate, too!

Are you looking to add healthy snacks to your snack-sales lineup?

All our snacks are convenient and healthy, easy to grab on the go, store in your bag, and munch on when hunger strikes. For more information on how Mister Snacks can help you meet your nutritional goals, contact our team today.