Why Are Salty Snack Sales STILL Performing Well?

Americans are snacking now more than ever. We’re busy people, on the go, grabbing our sustenance when it’s convenient. A growing number of people report snacking more than five times a day, which means they’re probably replacing some of their meals with snacks. And though there’s a huge push for healthier options, with less fat, less calories, and less sodium, salty snacks are still supreme in the convenience store industry. Here are four reasons why salty snack sales continue to perform well.

4 Reasons Salty Snacks are selling well

Reason #1: Savory options

Potato chips, tortilla chips, popcorn, pretzels, jerky, and cheesy corn puffs. They’re all easy to grab in a hurry and wash down with a cold drink or sandwich. The act of chewing and crunching and keeping our jaws busy makes us feel fuller and satiated, more so than a smoothie or energy drink.

Reason #2: Changing taste buds

Tortilla chip sales continue to grow as the Hispanic population does the same. And American taste buds continue to change, craving new, more exotic and sometimes spicier options and the salty snack industry is responding. You’ll find chips and sometimes nuts flavored with creamy garlic Caesar, chocolate, red pepper, ketchup, wasabi ginger, biscuits and gravy, cinnamon sugar, and chicken and waffles. Talk about an adventurous dining experience!  So many new flavors that we experiment with, but the old, tried and true standbys, plain potato chips continue to do well, too.

Reason #3: Product placement

A sweet or sugary drink just screams to be paired with something salty and crunchy. In fact, salty snacks seem to sell best when they’re near cooler doors as consumers grab them as an afterthought to their cold, refreshing drink. Another great location is up by the register, easy for consumers to toss onto the counter as they’re waiting to pay.

Reason #4: Healthier salty options

Sweet potato chips, trail mix, nuts and seeds, pretzels with hummus, salsa, guacamole, or even carrots and grapes—so many choices when consumers are looking to grab something quick, but want to keep nutrition in mind as well. People are looking to fuel themselves before or after a workout and don’t want a lot of empty calories. They want protein, fiber, nutrients, and no added sugar. Enter something salty. Nuts and seeds, which are easy to package and cluster with a variety of flavorings, boost good health and increase longevity. We’re also talking veggie straws and a variety of other vegetable chips—beet, carrot, spinach, often peppered with garlic, onion, salt, and flax seeds.

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