3 Reasons Why Millennials Are Still Driving Snack Sales

The millennial generation is incredibly powerful when it comes to businesses. They’re opinionated and they’re used to having their opinions matter. They’re health conscious, social media savvy, and at a point in their lives when they’re focused on ensuring health and well-being for their growing families. Here are three reasons millennials are still driving snack sales.

3 Reasons Why Millennials Matter to Snack Sales

Reason #1: They want to be healthy

Yes, taste is important, but nutrition is becoming the leading factor when millennials go to choose a snack. They want whole, natural ingredients that will keep them full and energized and provide some combination of fiber, protein, and whole grains. Think dried fruits, nuts, and seeds—all ingredients that Mister Snacks provides in its mixes.

Reason #2: They want to set a good example

And since they’re being healthy, millennials want the same for their kids. They’re conscious of setting an example and passing on healthy snacking habits to the next generation. So when they’re purchasing their healthy snacks, they’re doing it for their kids as well, thus the pendulum swing we see towards nutritious options may last for a long time. Kids, growing and living active lifestyles, snack more than adults. If they can make healthy choices now, chances are they’ll be doing so for years to come.

Kids are always craving the sweet—unconsciously doing their best to pack on the calories that their little bodies need to grow. Mister Snacks has those sweet healthy options with raisins, dried apricots and blueberries, apple and banana chips, pineapple chips. Plus yogurt and chocolate covered treats that complement the salty protein-packed nuts!

Reason #3: They want to be heard

Not only are millennials more likely to post their opinions on social media, but they’re also more likely to take advice from what they see online. If they find a new product they like, they’ll rave about it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. And if they don’t like something you can bet they’ll share that opinion, too! They’re also more likely to try a new snack based solely on an online review or rating on social media. Many of their opinions and decisions are strongly influenced by what their peers say. If their peers seem to be trending towards healthy snacks options, they’re likely to jump on that bandwagon.

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