Top Snacks for Waterpark Gift Shops

Waterparks are one of the best parts of summer! Splashing, screaming, soaking wet kids and adults—who all need to eat. And since they’ll be lacking the attire for a sophisticated, sit-down dining experience, the waterpark gift shop will be booming with sales. Here are the best snacks to stock in waterpark gift shops.


Nuts are a great source of protein, which will keep them full for long stretches in between meals! Think cashews, almonds, and pistachios—all great sources of energy. People can nosh for a few minutes in between waiting in line, then toss them into a bag for later.

Trail mix and bars

Before they start scanning for ice cream, popsicles, and other waterpark staples, most people will want something a bit more filling before shoveling sugar and ice cream into their bellies. Trail mixes, protein bars, and energy bars are a great solution. Most of them have a combination of salty and sweet so everyone can find something they like. But you might find your patrons are hesitant to buy anything with chocolate. Though delicious, it can get pretty messy and sticky on a hot summer day.

Dried fruit

For those with a sweet tooth, dried fruit is a great option. Apple chips, banana chips, dried apples, apricots, papaya, cranberries and pineapple are all chewy treats loaded with fiber to keep people full. And none of them will go bad or melt in the heat!

Pretzels and chips

And remember that people love flavor and spice! Barbecue, Buffalo Wing, wasabi, salt and vinegar—it all sells! And for extra variety, try something with different flavors and textures—Corn Country Flax Snax, Pub Mix, or Cajun Snack Mix—that will have something that appeals to all taste buds. Just make sure you’re also offering the sodas, bottled water, and sports drinks that they’ll be craving after eating anything salty.


When your customers are looking for a quick healthy snack, they appreciate clear packaging to know exactly what they are paying for. Additionally, it’s important to have a variety of package sizes for individuals or families looking for a snack. Packaging is always important, but especially at waterparks, people are looking for the right snacks at the right time.

Are you looking to provide great snacks to your customers?

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