5 Surprising Places Healthy Snacks are Sold

Yes, we all think of gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery store chains when we imagine packaged healthy snacks. But in fact, Mister Snacks’ snacks are non-perishable so they can be sold almost anywhere.


Gamblers need snacks, too! That’s right, casinos want to keep their patrons well fed, so they keep laying down their money without interruption. Gamblers and other visitors can munch on salty or sweet treats while they sit at the tables or in front of the slot machines. Nuts are very filling, so roasted and salted cashews, pistachios, and almonds work well. Or something with a little more kick, like Hot Cajun Mix or Buffalo Wing Flavored Peanuts. Plus, the salty snacks make patrons thirsty so they keep ordering drinks!

Prison commissaries

Packaged snacks are a good, economical product for prisons to stock in their commissaries. They’re non-perishable and healthy, loaded with protein and fiber to keep inmates full in between meals. Dried fruit and nut mixes are perfect for people looking for something crunchy and savory or sweet.


Healthy snacks are perfect for camping! They’re non-perishable and easy to toss into an overnight bag or backpack for a hike. There’s lot of variety to appeal to all taste buds, plenty of fiber to keep you full longer, and protein and carbs to give campers enough energy to power them through their adventures. Rocky Mountain Mix, which boasts both salty and sweet morsels, is a big hit for hikers and campers!

Waterpark shops

A water park is a place where you want to grab a quick snack and toss it into your bag for later. And the plastic packaging ensures that even if your bag gets wet, the snack won’t. Try stocking sour bears, sour worms, tropical fruit mix, Sierra Mix—sweet treats that will appeal to kids but won’t melt on a hot summer day! And some savory mixes packed with protein so hungry park visitors won’t have to leave the park to go get a meal.

Hotel gift shops

Hotel gift shops sell a lot of snacks! Overnight guests like to stock their rooms with treats that don’t need refrigeration and quick to grab when they leave to go sightseeing for the day or other tourist adventures. When they check out of the hotel, most guests are either preparing for a flight or to resume a road trip, so they’re looking for packaged snacks that they can tuck into their luggage to fuel them for their journey.

Are you looking for healthy snacks to serve your patrons?

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