4 Reasons Why Independent Snack Distributors Should Change Their Lineup Regularly

Independent snack distributors should change their lineups fairly regularly. You need the chance to show off more of your products, your customers get bored with the same old routine, and sometimes keeping a favorite product rare increases the allure of it. Here are four reasons why snack distributors should keep pumping out a different assortment of snacks on a regular basis.

Why Change Snack Lineups More Regularly?

1) Showcase more of your repertoire

Even your most loyal customers probably don’t know every item you sell. And that’s because you’re stocking shelves with the same items every time. Build out your brand and establish a reputation as a snack distributor instead of simply a peanut distributor, but showing off a wider range of your products.

2) People get bored

Snackers get bored with the same snacks lining the shelves every time they go into a store. And often what you’re putting on the shelves seems identical to products from other distributors in that same store. By changing your lineup, you’ll draw attention from new customers. And your current regular customers might find a new favorite product that they didn’t even know existed.

3) Variety allows you to see what sells

If you’re distributing the same old products to your retailers again and again, you’ll never get to see whether some of your other products sell. You’re missing out on potential customers if your current products aren’t catching their eye. Maybe what you’re currently selling isn’t appealing to them, but something else, something new and exciting that you’ve been keeping in your back pocket is! You never know how successfully a new product might sell until you put it out for customers to see. Changing the lineup allows you to fish for a new best-selling product!

4) Keep things rare

If you cycle through your products, some consumers might find that their favorite items aren’t in stores all the time. In that case, you’ll keep them always looking for it and wanting more. So in those rare instances when they see it on the shelves, instead of just buying one package, they’ll buy as many as they can.

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