Snack Pairings That Will Blow Your Minds and Taste Buds

There are lots of food combinations you’ve probably never tried before that will blow your mind! Plus, by combining two things you’ll double the amounts of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Here are a few snack pairings that will satisfy your taste buds and inspire you to experiment with other daring combinations.

5 Snack Pairing that are Perfect!

1. Wasabi and something salty

 Wasabi is like a Japanese horseradish, so spicy that it pairs well with both sweet and salty items. If you can handle spicy foods, check out Mister Snack’s Dragon Mix! It’s filled with spicy rice crackers and soy nuts with chili, wasabi, and barbecue flavor. Or try our 19th Hole Snack Mix, which combines honey roasted peanuts, honey roasted sesame chips, hot Cajun corn sticks, Oriental rice crackers, wasabi green peas, and almonds. The honey is a really nice accent to the spice of the wasabi. Or try the Wasabi rice crackers, Wasabi soybeans and green peas, roasted and salted cocktail peanuts in our Wasabi Mix.

2. Sparkly with something crunchy

Sodas, beer, sparkling water, champagnes, and sparkling wines are sweet and fizzy, so salty, crunchy foods are a great balance to their sugars and acidity. Try pairing them with Game Day Mix, Corn Country Flax Snax, Cajun Snack Mix, Buffalo Wing Nuts, Hot Cajun Mix, Louisiana Lightin’, Kansas City BBQ Mix, Oriental Party Mix, Pepper & Cheese Pub Mix, Smoky Cheddar Crunch, Smoky Hot Mustard Mix, Texas Hots.

3. Sweet and salty

Sweet and salty is always a favorite combination. A salty bite can be tamed by a soothing sweet flavor. Try Butter Toffee Peanuts or Honey Mustard Crunch—a blend of honey mustard and onion pretzel pieces, honey roasted sesame chips, and honey mustard sesame sticks. Honey Roasted Sesame Nut Mix features honey-roasted peanuts, honey almonds and honey sesame chips. And Honey Toasted Peanuts are always a crowd pleaser!

4. Dried fruits with something salty

Dried pineapple has a natural chewy tanginess, so pair them with anything salty and crunchy, like sesame seeds or roasted peanuts. Check out Sierra Mix, Strawberry Honey Crunch, Tahitian Treat or California Gold. Or try making your own mix, like dried apricots and Buffalo Wing Nuts.

5. Chocolate and peanuts

Does it get any better than combining chocolate and peanuts? Um, nope! And what about chocolate and peanut butter? The sweet creaminess of the chocolate and the salty creaminess of peanut butter seems to satisfy every last taste bud. Chocolate Peanut Butter Blast boasts Reese’s Pieces! And Nevada Nuggets, Rocky Mountain Mix and Yogurt Trail Mix all feature some combination of chocolate and peanuts.

Are you looking for great snacks to add to your lineup?

At Mister Snacks we have snacks for every taste: fruit & nut mixes with no added salt or sugar. Creamy chocolate and yogurt coated fruits and nuts. All of your favorite crunchy snacks – Sriracha, Cajun, wasabi, barbeque, honey mustard and light and fat-free Asian rice crackers. We do all of this in our hometown of Buffalo, New York.

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