Why Vending is Trending Toward Healthier Snacks

Vending machines have never been synonymous with healthy eating. Traditionally packed with pouches of greasy chips and chocolaty candy bars, a trip to the vending machine could easily wreck your healthy habits and your diet. But as Americans strive for better health—longer life, fitter bodies—vending machines are following demand and starting to house options with fresher, more natural ingredients. Here’s why vending machines are trending toward healthier snacks.

Why Are Healthier Snacks Dominating Vending Machines?

1. Millennials prioritize health

Younger generations are even more health conscious than their older counterparts, wanting healthy and satisfying treats, instead of ones that are high in empty calories and sugar. Adult obesity in the US is over 36%, and people aren’t willing to compromise their health. Many young people are even willing to pay a little bit more for healthier options.

2.  People are more active

As participation in 5ks, triathlons, boot camps, and boutique fitness classes, continues to rise, people are seeking more energy-efficient foods that can fuel their workouts. After you finish a grueling race, a vigorous hike, or a challenging weight training session, the last thing you want to do is poison your body with fat and sugar.

3. Consumers want clear labeling

Consumers want clear packaging so they can see exactly what they’re getting, but as they’re becoming more educated in food production, they also want to know exactly what’s in their food. The labels should very clearly show the ingredients and whether the products are non-GMO, vegan, has Fair Trade certification and so on. People don’t want to consume pesticides and hormones as part of their diet, so when food is certified as organic, it’s more likely to sell! Mister Snacks’ products feature clear packaging, so buyers can immediately know what they’re paying for and more importantly, what they’re putting into their bodies.

4. People want fresher ingredients

Believe it or not, you can actually purchase a real salad at vending machines. Now I’ve seen everything. There are a few different companies doing this. One has a kiosk that allows consumers to choose up to seven ingredients—including kale, spinach, quinoa, and chicken—to mix into your salad. Others are featuring premade mason jars, restocked daily, with several layers of vegetables and other ingredients.

Suddenly, camping, the gym, your office lobby, or a highway rest stop, or anywhere else you’re likely to visit a vending machine doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice nutrition and flavor. Vending machine companies are simply following the consumer’s demand. So, although there’s a growing market for salads and healthy snacks, there will also probably always be an eater who will need a bit of chocolate to satisfy his sweet tooth.

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