3 Ways The Right Packaging Makes Snacks Easy for Your Customers to Travel With

People love to pack snacks when they travel. It’s one of the best parts of planning a trip. Whether it’s plane trips, road trips, hours of sightseeing, camping, or backpacking, people need to pack snacks to nosh on so they have enough energy to fuel them through their adventures. The best snacks, of course, combine both protein and fiber and low in sugar. Protein and fiber keep you full longer and keep you from blood sugar spikes. Here are 3 ways the right packaging makes snacks easy for your customers to travel with.

3 Reason Why Packaging is So Important

 Make it functional

Your customers are looking to take your snacks with them, so they need to be light and compact, easy to stow in a backpack, purse, suitcase, or carryon. Even the seatback on a plane or a car’s glove compartment are popular places to store snacks until you get hungry. Bulky boxes are not ideal! Nor are plastic containers that aren’t malleable. You need something that can conform to the space it’s tucked into—the side pocket of a backpack or even pants pockets. You also have to consider size—you want a decent sized product that will keep your customers full for a few hours of sightseeing, hiking, or a long road trip. But you don’t want something so big that it takes up valuable packing space. People may loves snacks, but they also have to pack clothes, toiletries, and extra shoes!

 Provide durable packaging

No one wants to eat crumbs! You have to make sure your snacks won’t get crushed or crumbled after a few hours at the bottom of a backpack. So cardboard boxes are not only big and bulky, but they get crushed pretty easily too. Plastic containers can crack and split, spilling their contents all over the place. Plastic bags are usually safe, but they need to be thick enough that they provide a little extra cushion to protect their contents.

 Snacks that Stay Fresh

Giving your customers the freshest snack possible is essential.  There is nothing worse than eating stale snacks from a new purchase. Nitrogen flushed packaging can help you sell more with a 8 month shelf life. This will ensure that your customers are happy and your sales ongoing.

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