Innovative Ways Companies are Selling Snacks

People are snacking more than ever! A recent study found that 41% of Americans eat three or more snacks a day. And with healthier, more flavorful options becoming available, consumers are finding even more reasons to snack.

Here are 6 innovative ways companies are selling snacks.

1. Introduce bolder flavors

People love bold flavors and spice, so look for trends that include bacon, Cajun, Buffalo, wasabi, and barbecue, in addition to your standard sour cream and onion and ranch. And instead of just finding traditional deep-fried potato chips with those seasonings, consumers are now finding healthier options, like nuts, popcorn, flax seed chips, trail mixes, and pretzels, with new, innovative flavors.

2. Keep up with new locations

Consumers are changing the way they shop and snack manufacturers need to keep up. Sales at traditional food outlets, like grocery stores and drug stores, aren’t increasing at the same high rate they are at club stores, dollar stores, and ecommerce sites. And this is because people people’s needs and values are changing. Consumers are used to instant gratification, so manufacturers and retailers need to accommodate customers whether they value price or convenience at any given moment.

3. Offer organic and natural choices

People are definitely prioritizing their health and sustainability, so many are looking for organic and non-GMO choices, not to mention whole grain and premium ingredients. Chemicals and processed foods are out while simple, understandable ingredients are in.

4. Engage the target market

Companies spend a lot of time and energy building a brand, so make sure it’s delivered to your target market. While every demographic tends to snack, boomers start snacking later and end earlier than millennials do. So they’re offering mid-day snacks to boomers while targeting their younger counterparts in the early morning and evening. Meanwhile what people choose to eat varies according to the time of day, too. For example, most people are selecting snacks from the bakery, but not until the afternoon or evening.

5. Tailor snacks to meet needs

Many companies are catering products to certain disease states or consumers with allergies. By showing a specific group that they’re making efforts to meet their needs, they’ll be far more likely to buy that company’s products. Between 2013 and 2014, the sale of allergy free snacks went up 33.5%.

6. Watch for new trends

Trends are moving faster than ever, so companies have to stay on top of movements for organic ingredients, vegan options, sprouted grains, and fair trade ingredients. There’s always something new around the corner, and if your company misses the boat, they’ll lose out on a key market.

Are you looking to sell more?

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