Fall Flavor Blasts That Your Customers Will Love

Fall is finally here, which means your daily menu for snacks and meals is changing. Instead of grilling burgers and steaks while munching on fresh fruit and raw veggies, you’re grabbing hot chocolates and simmering hearty stews and spicy chilis on the stove. One thing is for certain, though, it’s time to pack on some insulation for the winter months.

Here are some fall flavor blasts that your customers will love.

1. Game Day Mix

It’s football season! If your customers are lucky this fall, their weekends are spent watching football, meaning they’ll be seeking out snacks to munch on while they’re checking out the game. Game Day Mix is a nice option, as is Honey Mustard Crunch, Pepper and Cheese Pub Mix, or some roasted and salted nuts. Or maybe their fall weekends are spent on the soccer field, cheering on their kids. Those little soccer stars will need nourishment—some fun trail mixes to keep them energized on those brisk mornings. Offer sweet and salty snacks that are packed with protein, like Peanut Butter Pretzels, Energy Mix, Health Mix, Nevada Nuggets with nuts, raisins, and chocolate.

2. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a nostalgic, perennial fall favorite—a must-have, particularly in the month of October. But your customers are busy! They probably don’t have the time to gut a pumpkin, wash and dry the seeds, then season and cook the seeds. It’s a lot easier to buy seeds that are roasted and salted, so make sure you have them available for your customers to grab as they rush out the door.

3. Cranberry

Cranberries are another fall classic—tart and warm, they make a nice garnish, but they’re even better dried. And dried cranberries make a great addition to any trail mix. Like Antioxidant Berry Mix, which also has blueberry streusel sticks with ancient grains, or Cranberry Fruit Mix, or Cranny Banany, which also features banana chips.

4. Anything hearty and spicy

When the weather starts to get cool and crisp, our bodies start to crave hearty meals and snacks with some heat. So your customers will be seeking out those spicy snacks—Dragon Mix, Louisiana Lightin,’ and Hot Cajun Mix, Sriracha cashews or peanuts—anything to warm them up during those colder months.

Are you looking for dynamic snacks to sell this Fall?

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