Sunny Skies in the Forecast for the Snack Industry

The healthy snack market is growing year to year! Snacking is considered to be part of a healthy lifestyle again. People are encouraged to snack before and after workouts and at other times of day to boost their metabolisms and keep them fueled. And the healthy snack industry is meeting those demands, offering nutritious snacks that are convenient and portable. Consumers around the world are seeking cereal and granola bars, trail mix, nuts and seeds, meat snacks, and dried fruits.

Here’s why sunny skies are in the forecast for the snack industry.

Snacking is considered healthy

The perception of snacking is changing. It’s no longer considered something that’s associated with obesity or binge eating. Instead of imagining chips that are fried in oils or fatty candy bars, snackers are resorting to dried fruits, nuts, cheeses and yogurts, and protein bars. There are more and more healthy and convenient snacking options as people making healthy eating and fitness a priority. Snacks are now nutritious, offering protein, fiber, simpler ingredients, and fewer added sugars. And the nutritious snacks are even more flavorful.

People want convenience

Between work, families, and hobbies, people are busier and busier and since many of them don’t have time for nutritious meals, so they’re relying more heavily on snacks to meet their needs. So they want snacks with packaging that they can grab when they’re on the go or store in their bags, cars, desks, or lockers. They’re looking for portability: granola bars, meat snacks, and small bags of trail mix. Innovative technology is making new types of high-quality packaging more possible.

Young people especially love to snack

Snacking is popular among younger people, which means that the snacking industry is sustainable as long as that generation is consuming. Their passion for healthy snacks is propelling increased market demand around the world. People in regions such as Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America are increasingly turning toward healthy snacking. Even vegetarians are finding healthy options in nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

Cereal and granola bars are favorites

As people are adopting whole grains as part of their snacks, cereals and granola bars are increasingly popular, accounting for the largest segment of the market in 2016. Again, they’re convenient, portable, filling, and nutritious.

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