How to Launch Your Snack Sales in 1-2-3

As long as Americans persist in this busy, on-the-go lifestyle, snacking will always be popular. In fact, many people replace sit-down meals with snacks throughout the day. So it’s important to have the types of snacks your customers are looking for. They consider size, shape, and portability of the packaging, not to mention the taste and nutritional content of whatever’s inside. Here’s how to launch your snack sales in three easy steps.

3 Steps To Increase Your Snack Sales

1. Offer bundle deals

Many convenience stores are improving their coffee programs, offering all kinds of self-serve cold brew products, lattes, and cappuccinos at the same time that drinkable yogurts and other protein-based drinks are flying off the shelves. So market a coffee-and-a-snack deal to your customers. Place portable snacks close to the coffee vending area and near the refrigerated drinks and encourage customers to purchase one with the other. Or offer one as a loyalty reward. Chocolate covered nuts or pretzels or Antioxidant Berry Mix makes a nice pairing with a hot cup of coffee!

2. Cater to a growing demand for spiciness

Consumers love bold, spicy flavors, so make sure you’re stocking plenty! Consider Buffalo wing flavors, Texas Hots, Cajun inspired snacks, and barbecue, wasabi, and sriracha seasonings. And as the Hispanic population grows, so does the purchasing power of these important consumers. In fact, 87% of Hispanic patrons buy bakery items once a month or more, up ten percentage points from other consumers. Offer packaged authentic Mexican pastries and chili and cheese flavored crunchy snacks. Think: Hot Peanuts, Kansas City BBQ, Hot Cajun Mix, Louisiana Lightin’, and Pepper and Cheese Pub Mix.

3. Provide seasonal crave-ability

Consumers most want the indulgent snacks they can’t often have. They like to treat themselves are more willing to rationalize a special treat later in the day. Place popular impulse items in strategic locations around your store. And stock seasonal items that feature peppermint, caramel, or pumpkin flavors. Those mouthwatering items play on people’s sense of nostalgia, too, and they become impulse purchases if you’ve placed them in the right spots. Look for bite-sized snacks that are packaged in re-sealable bags, perfect for people who are toting them in their bags or cars.

Boost Your Snack Sales

For more information on how to make sure you’ve stocked the snacks your customers want and are marketing to them in the best way, contact our team today.