Consumer Trends Waiting to Drive Your Snack Sales

Americans love snacking! Almost all American adults admit to snacking at least once a day and with healthier snack options now being made available, most people don’t even feel guilty about it. Many are packing their snacks with protein and fiber and replacing their meals. But as preferences and tastes change, it’s important to keep up with new trends so you can always meet your customers’ demands. If you don’t have what they’re craving, they’ll certainly look elsewhere.

Here are the consumer trends that are waiting to drive your snack sales.

1. Offer convenience and portability

When it comes to snacking most people prioritize ease and convenience above all else. We all live hectic, busy lives, so we don’t have time to prepare a snack. Snacks have to be ready to eat with re-sealable packaging so we can save the rest for later. The most convenient snacks are the ones that are non-perishable and don’t need any refrigeration or preparation.

2. Provide bite-sized costs

And since people are buying snacks frequently, they need them to be cost-efficient. And the more cost-efficient they are, the more likely your customers are to buy them. Snacks are a great, inexpensive way to alleviate a craving or hunger pain without having any preparations.

3. Stock healthy snacks

The perception of snacking has changed. Instead of being associated with obesity, high in sodium and fat, snacking is now considered a healthy habit. This means people are looking for nutritious things to munch on, snacks packed with fiber and protein, like nuts, dried fruits, vegetables, seeds, and trail mix. Your customers will stay full in between meals or get energized before their workouts.

4. Offer snacks as meal replacements

Snacks are now much more than a bag of chips or a candy bar. Now snacks can include healthier options, like cheese, nuts, yogurt, or dried fruits. And since those items can be a big source of people’s daily nutrients, meals can actually replace meals. Instead of three square meals a day, consumers are too busy, meaning they need to rely more on snacks.

5. Make them available

Consumers are looking for snacks and relying heavily on them for nutrition and satisfaction, so make sure you make them available. Grocery stores, convenience stores, food trucks, and hotel lobbies are all offering a full assortment of healthy and indulgent snacks, and if you’re not offering them, your customers will simply start frequenting your competitors.

 6. Offer an adventure

People are always looking to try new tastes and flavors and the easiest, most non-committal way to do that is with a snack. It’s a lot easier to try a chipotle-BBQ flavored bag of almonds or chips than it is to order something similar at a restaurant. The snack is cheaper and less involved if you find you don’t like the flavor. This is why potato chip seasonings are so creative.

 Are you looking to stay up-to-date with consumer snacking trends?

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