Tips for Boosting Your Q1 Snack Sales

Snacking is as popular as ever, as more than three-fourths of convenience store customers are there to buy snacks. Most of these snacks are consumed within the hour, which means your customers are making purchases based on their immediate cravings and they’re choosing portable options. Here are six tips for boosting your Quarter 1 snack sales.

How To Boost Your Snack Sales

1. All day breakfast

People seem to love portable, packaged pastries like donuts, cinnamon rolls, Danishes, and donuts—they’re small, indulgent, and easy-to-eat. Try to stock those items at near the register so your customers can grab them quickly as they pay for their other items.

2. Market as a bundle

Gourmet coffees are all the rage right now, and more and more convenience stores are improving their self-serve coffee service, which means customers are starting to visit just to grab a coffee. Start to market specifically to those customers. Offer a half-price snack with the purchase of a coffee or a combination breakfast meal to loyal customers. And keep some of those breakfast pastries by the coffee bar—who doesn’t love a donut with their coffee?

3. Cater to groups who snack

As the Hispanic population in the United States grows, so does their purchasing power! So don’t ignore them. Instead, offer a selection of authentic Mexican pastries and other Hispanic snacks. This demographic is a huge opportunity for sales, so make sure you’re offering items that they’re likely to buy.

4. Be bold

Demand for bold, spicy flavors also continues to grow. Aside from barbecue seasonings, people also seem to particularly enjoy more ethnic flavors, like wasabi, sriracha, hot peppers, chipotle, Cajun, egg rolls, and spicy breadsticks. And most consumers want condiments with their snacks, so consider offering a variety of flavorful condiments near your hotdogs and grab-and-go handhelds.

5. Encourage the drinking

Yogurt and protein-based drinks are becoming increasingly popular, and so are the smoothie drinks with a focus on better nutrition—packed with vitamin C, veggies and greens, and probiotics. Brands like Naked, Chobani, Dannon, and Yoplait all offer beverage options that are both delicious and filling, so be sure to make those available.

6. Conquer cravings

People like to treat themselves, and many report that as the number one reason they buy snacks and are more likely to do so as the day goes on. Make sure you’re placing popular impulse items in heavily trafficked areas around the store. Snacks with re-sealable bags are easy to grab and go. And as the holidays near, stock those special holiday treats that feature peppermint, caramel, chocolate, or red and green sprinkles.

Looking to boost your snack sales?

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