10 Salty and Savory Snacks You Should Sample

The snack market is growing at a rapid rate. And regular snacking can be part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. There are lots of nutritious and savory options out there to try, with bold, adventurous flavors to keep snackers coming back for more. Here are ten salty and savory snacks you should sample.

10 Snacks You’ll Love!

1. 19th Hole Snack Mix

This crunchy mix satisfies all the taste buds! Some sweetness from the honey roasted peanuts and sesame chips complement the salty rice crackers and round off the heat from the wasabi peas and Cajun corn sticks.

2. Buffalo Wing Nuts

Spicy, crunchy, and savory, it’s the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day.

3. Corn Country Flax Snax

Because anything with pretzels has to be delicious! And if you can add some corn chips, flax seeds, and peanuts, you can also call this healthy.

4. Dragon Mix

This is a spicy mix of rice crackers and soy nuts coated with chili, wasabi, and barbecue flavors. And you don’t have to be a fire-breathing dragon to enjoy it!

5. Honey Mustard Crunch

Sweet and tangy with a hint of onion seasoning, Honey Mustard Crunch, is the perfect snack for indulging this winter. With sesame chips, sesame sticks, and pretzel pieces, it’ll keep your mouth busy, your taste buds satisfied, and your belly full.

6. Game Day Mix

It’s that time of year again—bowl games, football playoffs, and before we know it, March Madness will be here! You need to stock up on game day snacks and this Game Day mix is the perfect answer. Football-shaped sesame sticks, cheddar cheese whales, peanuts, and a hint of spice in the chili pretzels. There are no losers with this winning mix.

7. Kansas City BBQ

If you’ve never had actual barbecue from Kansas City, like ribs and burnt ends, then this snack mix might be the next best thing. This combination of barbecue corn sticks, barbecue pretzel pieces, and honey-roasted peanuts will make you want to hop the next plane to Kansas City!

8. Louisiana Lightnin’

If munching on something called Louisiana Lightnin’ doesn’t get you fired up to take on the world, then nothing will. This playful mix features hot Cajun sesame sticks, honey-roasted sesame chips, peanuts, oriental chili crackers and cheddar sesame sticks. What a party of flavors!

9. Smoky Hot Mustard Mix

This snack mix boasts a warm, smoky flavor with its hickory-smoked almonds, but also a touch of sweetness with corn sticks and honey mustard pretzels. Add the richness of the cheddar sesame sticks and heat from the Cajun seasoning and you have the perfect snack!

10. Texas Hots

Just the name, Texas Hots, sounds like something you need to try as a rite of passage into the snacking kingdom. There’s a lot of spice—hot Cajun sticks, hot Cajun corn sticks, oriental chili cracks, and chili corn nuggets—but there’s also some roasted and salted peanuts to help keep you full in between meals.

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