Better Margins, Not More Margarine

 There’s a huge push among consumers to eat healthier foods with fewer ingredients, less processing, and fewer added sugars. We’ve been told for years that poor eating habits and poor nutrition will lead to obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and other serious health concerns. Unhealthy snacks are okay from time to time, but people who snack regularly need should rely on more nutritious options. Which means that convenience stores need to keep up with demand and stock healthy choices.

Here’s why better snack options will lead to better margins.

No time to eat!

Consumers are snacking now more than ever—they’re busy with little time to prepare and sit down to a meal. Instead, they’re eating on the go and grabbing whatever’s convenient. But now that we know more about how the human body processes food, health is still an important concern. They’re looking for something that’s easy to grab, eat in the car, and re-seal so they can save the rest for later—that also has protein, fiber, other nutrients, and few ingredients. And they don’t have to sacrifice flavor. Plenty of snack mixes with simple, nutritious ingredients are now coated with bold flavors, like BBQ and pepper jack cheese, or ethnic seasonings, like wasabi or sriracha.

Nutrition is key

People understand now that the quality of the foods they eat during the day influences how they feel. They want something that makes them feel energized and ready to take on the day, instead of heavier food that makes them feel lethargic. Foods that are high in added sugars yields a surge in energy, only to come crashing down a short time later. Consumers are craving whole foods with simple ingredients, like trail mixes, nut mixes, and dried fruits with bold flavors and seasonings. They want to minimize toxins, stabilize blood sugar, and increase the number of fruits and vegetables in their daily intake.

Healthier packaged snacks

Convenient packaging that’s easy to grab and eat quickly in the car, at your desk, or after a workout, is key to making healthy snacks sell. Consumers’ schedules are jam-packed, they don’t have time to make a meal, but they can still eat well. Packaged snacks are often synonymous with high fat, high sodium, and high calories, but that doesn’t have to be. By choosing trail mixes with dried fruits and nut mixes that are high in protein and fiber, your customers won’t have to feel guilty about what they’ve just purchased in your store. Instead, they’ll keep returning, knowing that you can provide them with a nutritious, healthy snack that can power them through their day.

Looking for better margins in your snack sales?

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