Snacks That Pair Perfectly with Wheat Beers and IPAs

Beer tasting is quickly turning into a favorite American past time! Whether you’re touring a brewery and slurping down a selection of free samples or sitting at a restaurant to taste-test a flight, you’ll need some snacks to heighten the flavor sensations! Or maybe just to fill your belly before the alcohol hits you. Here are the snacks that pair perfectly with wheat beers and IPAs.

8 Perfect Beer and Snack Pairings

American IPA

American IPAs are very bitter, have more hops than other beers, and have hints of herbal or citrus flavors. They’re best with American and Indian cuisines, so you could try them with Kansas City BBQ or Louisiana Lightnin.’

Imperial or Double IPA

These beers have a strong, hoppy bitterness and pair well with American cuisine, meat, and sharp cheddar. Louisiana Lightnin’ has cheddar cheese sesame sticks, which would make it a good match for these IPAs.

English IPA

Having a weaker hop flavor, they pair well with American and Indian cuisines, fish, and parmesan cheese. New England Snack Mix, an all-American combination—has maple roasted peanuts, honey roasted sesame chips, raisins, and roasted peanuts. Oriental Party Mix has rice crackers, green peas, roasted peanuts, sesame sticks, roasted soynuts, sunflower seeds and pepitas.

American Pale Wheat

These beers have a light, bready flavor and since they pair well with Mexican cuisine and spicy food, try it with Hot Cajun Mix. It features hot Cajun corn sticks, oriental chili rice crackers, and roasted and salted peanuts.

Belgian Witbier

Belgian Witbiers are light and fruity, so they’d match up with Cranberry Fruit Mix or Greek Yogurt Fruit & Berries, which has Greek yogurt coated cranberries, apricots, and pretzels. No mix is more packed with fruity sweetness than Mango Fruit Mix with mangos, cranberries, apricots, pineapple, dates, and papaya.

Berliner Weisse

These beers and their tart, sour flavors pair well with German cuisine, ham, salad, and soft cheeses. And to balance the heaviness of beer, try pairing it with Health Mix—a mix of roasted cashews, roasted peanuts, almonds, apples, raisins, sunflower seeds, and pecans. Or if you’re in the mood for something sugary, try it with Green Apple Fruity Twists.


If you like a malty flavor with hints of banana, the Dunkelweizens are for you. Banana Chips would be a nice balancing flavor, as would Cranny Banany, which consists of cranberries, almonds, apples, walnuts, banana chips, raisins, pepitas, and honey roasted peanuts. Or check out Banana Sesame Crunch, with sesame sticks, banana chips, roasted peanuts, and raisins.


The Hefeweizen beers are known for their crisp taste and hints of cloves or apples, so they’d be best suited for Cinnamon Apple Pie, which boasts corn chips with flax seed, honey roasted peanuts, corn nuggets, and pretzel twists. There’s also Apple & Banana Chips and Honey Apple Crunch, which has cinnamon apple chips, cinnamon peanuts, honey roasted sesame chips, and honey toasted peanuts.

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