Transparent Packaging Still Matters This Year—Here’s Why

Transparent product packaging is increasingly popular in the food and drink marketplace. Millennials are now the biggest group of consumers, more than 80 million people and spending more than $600 billion each year. They’re definitely the market demographic to appeal to! And with a focus on environment and health concerns, it’s best to try and cater to those interests. Not only do they want transparency and ingredients that are easy to read and understand, they want to buy from companies with a mission, either environmental sustainability, socioeconomic issues, or clean, healthy eating. Here’s why transparent packaging still matters.

Should I Move To Transparent Packaging?

1. People want to see what’s in their food

Many food manufacturers are opening up and using clear packaging to show exactly what they’re selling. People are more likely to purchase it when they can see it. They expect those foods to be fresher and higher quality—the packaging enhances the message of freshness, more natural, and good health. Which is what Mister Snacks does with their clear packaging.

2. People like to research

More than three-fourths of consumers will turn to the internet when they want to know what’s really in the food they’re eating. Millennials especially are used to having any type of information they need at their fingertips. If they don’t recognize the words on the ingredients list, they look them up! And with smartphones ever handy, they can complete those searches right there in the store. Half of shoppers admit to using their phones to look up product information while shopping. So if the brand isn’t honest and upfront about ingredients, they’ll look elsewhere.

3. Authenticity is important

Consumers just want a company to be honest with them. They want simple, whole foods, but they’re willing to sacrifice health for transparency. They just want to have as much information as possible so they can make an informed decision. You might as well be honest with your customers and supply them with products that meet those needs. Ultimately, consumers will select products that work for them and their lifestyle.

4. Trust is a value

Besides health and wellness, natural and organic, and environmentally friendly, consumers are looking for companies they can trust. When products feature transparent packaging, people have an increased willingness to buy them. They expect those products to be tastier, more innovative, and just better. When they can trust a company, they’re more likely to stay loyal to that brand or that particular product. In fact, transparency is ranked as the highest in a list of factors that motivate a consumer to be loyal to a brand. And almost three-fourths of people have said they’re willing to pay more if a company offers complete transparency.

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