Kosher Snacks That are Perfect for Any Occasion

So you’re hosting an event and you need some snacks. And you want to make sure you can satisfy all cravings, appeal to everyone’s taste buds, and meet everyone’s dietary restrictions. Here are some kosher snacks that are perfect for any occasion.

10 of the best snacks EVER!

1. Pepper & Cheese Pub Mix

Just like its name suggests Pepper & Cheese Pub Mix is great to serve anywhere, for any event. It features roasted pepper and cheese sesame sticks, cheddar cheesy corn nuggets, chili-lemon corn nuggets, nacho cheese corn sticks, pretzel twists, and roasted cocktail peanuts.

2. Oriental Rice Crackers

This is a slightly sweet, slightly spicy mix that’s easy for people to munch on without getting too full. It’s perfect to put out for your guests while they mingle and wait for the main course.

3. Roasted & Salted Nut Mix

Everybody loves a handful of nuts! And this mix is the perfect blend of everyone’s favorites: peanuts, cashews, almonds, pecans, filberts, and Brazil nuts. With fiber and protein, this salty combination will keep people full and satiated.

4. Honey Roasted Sesame Nut Mix

Somehow this is the perfect combination of sweet and savory! With honey roasted peanuts, honey almonds, and honey sesame chips, this nut mix will keep you full and satisfy your sweet tooth.

5. Texas Hots

And when people need something spicy, Texas Hots are the perfect fix! Featuring hot Cajun sesame sticks, hot Cajun corn sticks, roasted peanuts, oriental chili bit crackers, and chili lemon corn nuggets, it’ll keep all those taste buds busy!

6. Chocolate & Yogurt Bridge Mix

And since some of your guests are surely wandering around looking for something sweet, Chocolate & Yogurt Bridge Mix is the perfect answer. It’s sweet, crunchy, and a little bit savory with chocolate covered peanuts, raisins and malt balls and yogurt covered peanuts and raisins.

7. Yogurt Pretzels

Another great salty and sweet combination, yogurt-covered pretzels are delicious and crunchy and meet that sweet craving that’s so common nowadays.

8. Dragon Mix

A crunchy, savory mix with a nice blend of spicy and sweet, Dragon Mix features rice crackers, chili-covered soy nuts, and wasabi and barbecue flavors. If nothing else, it’ll keep your guests circulating in search of another drink!

9. Dark Chocolate Almonds

Almonds are brain food! And since they’re packed with fiber and protein, they’re filling, too. When you coat them in dark chocolate, they have that sweet, anti-oxidant rich energy boost that people crave after a meal or anytime.

10. Hickory Smoked Almonds

Back to the almonds again! They’re just so crunchy and satisfying! But this time, they have a smoky, almost sweet flavor.

Are you looking for snacks that your customers will love?

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