Mouthwatering Snack Samples You Can Try

Did you know you can request a sample of any of our snacks you’d like to try? True story. Perhaps you’ve seen one of our flavors that you haven’t dared to purchase yet. Maybe it’s something bold and spicy. Maybe it’s something savory and nutritious. Or maybe it’s something that’s just such an interesting combination of seasonings that you just have to give it a go. Here are some of the mouthwatering snacks you can sample.

Which one do you want a sample of?

Buffalo Wing Nuts

And who doesn’t love buffalo wings? But unfortunately, that hot and sweet buffalo wing flavor is tough to carry around in your bag when the craving strikes. But a small sample-sized bag of buffalo wing flavored peanuts can be stored anywhere!

 Honey Mustard Crunch

That perfect balance of sweet and salty is Honey Mustard Crunch. Full of honey mustard and pretzel pieces, honey roasted sesame chips, honey mustard sesame sticks, Honey Mustard Crunch is a great snack to complement any meal.

Honey Roasted Sesame Nut Mix

Honey roasted anything is a delicious treat, so when you add in some peanuts, honey almonds and honey sesame chips, your taste buds be gifted with the perfect symphony of flavors. But you won’t know if you don’t request a free sample!

Kansas City BBQ

I’ve spent a significant amount of time in Kansas City and I can say that the barbecue there is legit. So why not try it in a portable, non-perishable snack mix? Barbecue corn sticks, corn nuggets, barbecue pretzel pieces, roasted and honey roasted peanuts—slightly sweet and slightly spicy, in perfect balance.

Smoky Cheddar Crunch

Cheddar sesame sticks, hickory smoked almonds, hot Cajun corn sticks, roasted peanuts, and mini pretzels make a great combination—everyone can find something they love! A little spice, a little rich cheddar, a little saltiness, and some warm smokiness—really, everyone wins!

Wasabi Mix

With wasabi rice crackers, wasabi soy beans and green peas, roasted cocktail peanuts, Wasabi Mix can practically serve as its own meal. There’s fiber, protein, and green veggies—does it get any better?

Easter Mix

And for sugar junkies, it’s time for some Easter candy! Jelly beans, chocolate drops, yogurt covered raisins, strawberry pretzels, chocolate covered candy corn and Easter candy corn—Mister Snacks’ Easter Mix has it all. It’s perfect to toss into an Easter basket or just sample the combination of chocolate and fruity flavors.

Request a sample now!

There’s nothing better than free samples! If you’re looking for some new flavors to spice up your life than Mister Snacks is your guy. contact our team today to snag some mouthwatering snacks you can sample!