How to Keep Your Customers Hungry for More (Variety)

The biggest mistake that convenience stores make is thinking like a traditional convenience store. If you think bigger than just quick snacks, novelty items, and toiletry necessities, and add more variety to your lineup, you’ll attract more customers, keep more customers coming back, and grow your business.

Here’s How to Keep Your Customers Hungry for More (Snacks)

1. Offer more products

Wide selection is more important than brand loyalty, especially in food and grocery items. While traditionally, customers were getting gas and then running in to grab a snack or stopping to get a snack and then deciding to get gas too, now people are stopping and spending more money than ever because there are so many choices. Instead of just a soda and a bag of chips, they now have the option of selecting fresh fruit, a hot bowl of pasta, or a custom-made sandwich.

2. Stock fresh foods

More and more consumers are making healthy choices when they choose snacks and meals, and this doesn’t mean items that are low fat or low in calories. Instead, they want things that are fresh, less processed, with fewer antibiotics and preservatives. Invest in new equipment to prepare foods regularly, like a grill or additional refrigeration units. And you’ll have to stay on top of your inventory to make sure you’re adding new fruits and vegetables and other perishables every day.

 3. Have range and variety

Offer a range of snacking options so you can capture the full range of customers who walk into your store. You’ll have people who want salty, people who want sweet, people who want low calorie, people who want gluten-free, people who want something fresh, kids who will want something sugary and fun, and so much more. And make sure you have items that are prepackaged in re-sealable bags or cartons so people can snack on the go and items that can be customized, like a sandwich, and prepared while the customer waits. People are willing to wait just to have something that’s fresh and healthy.

4. Provide good customer service

Nothing turns customers off more than poor customer service. Your staff should be friendly, civil, and helpful and have sufficient staff on hand the whole time your store is open. Customers always come first. Restocking a shelf or mopping the floor isn’t as important as helping a customer who’s ready to check out. A big piece of the customer experience is cleanliness. Go above and beyond to erase the convenience store experience and make your store as clean as possible. People won’t buy food at all if they’re worried about hygiene and unsanitary conditions.

5. Build your brand

Advertise as much as possible. Stick the latest promotions, new items, and maybe seasonal snacks, right inside the front door. Do something different to make sure your store stands out from all the other convenience stores and make sure your store shows up in local search results.

Are you looking for great snacks that your customers will want more of?

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